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GUYS im so disappointed.... Like the guys did an amazing job performing but I guess fans aren't supposed to bring in Cameras or anything that records in but fans did even in this video you could see people using their phones.. Because of those fans Seventeen got a yellow card & was scolded by KBS
I was reading some of the comments on youtube & i guess even seventeen told the fans to put their phones away but they didn't listen & i'm just so sad because you can tell that Scoups is down when his part comes up & that's just so sad
This was huge for them!!! They even asked them to stop BUT THEY KEPT GOING.. gawd
@taetaebaozi During Sketchbook, a popular progam on KBS, Carats were taking pictures and filming as Seventeen was performing. KBS has a policy where you cannot film or take pictures before the show is aired. The broadcast was interrupted many times because fans kept on recording when they were repeatedly told not to even by the Seventeen members. So Seventeen got scolded by KBS and now their points for Music Bank and KBS are now gone.
I don't understand why Seventeen has to get scolded. Sure it was their fans but Seventeen themselves said to stop but the fans didn't... This is really disappointing...
@LovelyHana17 @Zyxzj wow just wow 😡 the seventeen members should not be scolded by KBS its not their fault how could they so this to them like wow and the fans seriously have no respect for the idols at all like really wow just wow 😡thank you for answering my question~
@taetaebaozi well that program that Seventeen got invited to is really hard to get on especially if your a rooki group.. But the program has rules for the fans not to take pictures or videos so that they don't get posted before the episode airs. but the fans didn't listen even after the members told them to stop. But because of them seventeen got a yellow card which made them lose Music Bank Points & for scolded by KBS.
@CosmicCassidy I know but I saw some pictures of them coming out of the recording & they looked so sad its also so upsetting because they're like barely a year old & they get to be in this program & fans ruined some of the experience not to mention their Music Bank points dropped too
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