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Waking BTS Up (The BTS Way)
I'VE BEEN FREAKING LOOKING FOR THIS VIDEO FOREVER!!! Unfortunately, I still can't find the subbed one that I watched before but at least I found the fvckin video after all this time. Ask to be tagged or untagged: @NyKeaKing @ShinoYuki @katyng52 @AlexisCortez @twistedPuppy @lovelikematoi @firstladyofaomg @resavalencia @sarahdarwish @RKA916 @Juliag13
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same same tag me pleaseeeee
a year agoReply
tag me too please
a year agoReply
hahah Yea I loved this it's saved in my to watch videos on YouTube although idk if it's subbed or not.
a year agoReply
@SarahVanDorn I watched a subbed one before but I couldn't find it, I could barely find this one馃槄
a year agoReply
@VIPFreak2NE1 Yea I can't find it either lol
a year agoReply