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Chacha had shown my the big empty space they use for dance practice, the cafe, and the different recording studios. Before taking me back to the lounge, where DJ PumKin and DJ Wegun were working together at the DJ booth. The others had gone to work as well. Only Elo and Hoody were sitting on the couch, and working on something on the computer. I looked back at Chacha, after looking around the room for the others.
"Check your phone, They have a schedule, if not their a high chance they went to work on something." I slap my forehead with the palm of my hand lightly. I felt stupid that I didn't think of that myself. Right as I pulled out my phone, a man came into the room. "Chase, Jay wants you to join him in the studio. He needs your help on something."
He nodded, before petting my head. "A heads up, its Simon that gonna need you the most. Loco and Gray's actually do have managers. Simon's recently quit, so he needs a new one." Chacha smiled as he went off with the man.
I sighed softly, before looking at my phone for everyone schedule. Jay was even nice enough to give me the names of their managers. It seem Chacha wasn't kidding, everyone but the DJs already had managers. The DJs actually had booking agents,since they had other companies that they worked for, even though the rep AOMG. It was Simon that didn't have a manager.
I rubbed the back of my head, and looked at Simon's schedule. He was working with Gray and Loco at the moment. I took a breath to calm my nerves, and used my memory to go find the 'Gray Hound' Recording studio.
When I found the room, I knocked softly on the door before entering. They all turn to look at me, and stared. "Um, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting a session?" Simon was the one that stood up and gave me a warm smile.
"Aniyo, we were just expecting someone is all. It seems though your work-load brought you to us. Who are you in charge of?" I lightly rubbed my arm, and looked around, before shyly pointing at him.
He blinked a bit, but a soft chuckle escaped his lips. "Oh, so you're going to be my new manager? Well this is gonna be interesting." I puffed my cheeks, when I noticed the arrogant smirk.
"Gonna be honest here, I think its only going to be interesting for you." Loco and Seonghwa lightly laughed, as one of Simon's eyebrow hiked up. "You think so? I think we can change that if we got to know each other better."
I pursed my lips together, at the idea. I didn't mind getting to know him. I actually was dying to know him more since he's my favorite.
Yet, getting to know him on a personal level, would go against my plan to not get attached. He tilted his head, when I realize I was taking to long to answer. I was about to answer him, the moment the person they were waiting for knocked.
I turned around to see Dok2, standing in the door way. I bit on my lip to re-frame from laughing at my thoughts. He was a couple inches shorter than me, and all my short jokes came straight to mind.
I knew it wouldn't be wise to speak, since I knew I would say one of them. Which would most definitely offend Dok2. He was looking right at me though, but it felt more like he was checking me out.
"Is she your new manager? If so, I'm hella jealous man. She a beauty." He winked at me, whilst walking into the room. I looked over at Simon to see his reaction to Dok2's comment.
He seem calm but he wasn't smiling at all. Simon actually checked me out himself, and shrugged. "Lala, why don't you just sit in on the session. Let me know when a schedule comes up please?"
I hummed that I understood, and sat down on the leather couch. Simon then went over to Dok2, and they talked about the track they were working on. I pulled my phone back out to look over Simon's schedule, as Loco sat down beside me.
"Don't worry, their will be days where you're my manager. Give you a break from 5 year old co-CEO." A little giggle escape as I smiled at Loco. I used my hand to cover it up though, as if sound was a solid.
He was grinning, and his eyes seem to be sparkling. "I can't help but be honest with you, Loco oppa. You are too adorable for your own good." His eyes seem to beam with joy, when I spoke to him.
He gently nudged me with his arm, whilst cheesing away. "Oh... look at that... you called me oppa, and relaxed with me. I'm so rubbing this in Jay's face later." My hand found its way to my mouth to hide that fact that Loco had me smiling, and laughing again.
There was just something about him, that made it impossible for me to not open up to him. "But for the future, you can call me by my real name, Hyuk Woo." I nodded my head and smiled brightly.
"Lala is that a smile, I see? Finally warming up to us?" Gray caught me with my guard down too, which cause me to look at him. "Yah, hyung, one person at a time." Hyuk Woo protected me in an instant, the second he noticed I was putting the wall back up.
"Well then I call next. After all you are my manager, Lavi-ah." Simon spoke up and winked at me. Honestly I felt like I was in a losing battle at the moment. There was no way I was getting out of working here without being attached to them.
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