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What did I get myself into??

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Alright, Alright Ku$h being my best friend. I'm cool with that.
Alright Team YG I see you. Lol
Makes a lot of sense actually!
Okay, this is getting interesting. You have a crush on me, Zion T, then you kiss me.
Of course he's going to tease me he's my best friend and obviously knows what's going on with Zion T.
I end up marrying, Simon D, the one I flirt with.
Hahaha Zion T didn't give up so he became my lover.
and Mad Clown a cockblock. Ha
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your fits together so Well
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@pandaqueenbee promise I didnt cheat! 😅
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oh i know lol if someone got all grays they cheated lol @MonAnnahiX
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@pandaqueenbee So true.... the stars do not align like that
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