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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 6!


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language

Him again! I swear its like he's stalking me! Now how am I gonna keep away from him? He knows where I live now! N and I made it to my door. Ravi stood their just staring at both N and Me. I set down the bags on the floor I was carrying so that I can pull my keys out and open the door. Once I got the door unlocked I was about to grab the bags but Ravi bent down and grabbed two of them for me. "T-thank you Ravi" I say as I looked at him "No problem y/n" He responds smiling I then walked inside the house with Ravi and N walking behind me. N then closed the door and found his way to the kitchen. "Wait. You two know each other?" N says Ravi and I both looked at each other as we set down the bags on the kitchen table. "Yeah..we do actually. I work where he works" I say "Ah I see" He responds setting down the other bags After that, it went silent. I could feel Ravi's eyes looking at me. "So I see your stalking me now Ravi, ain't that creepy? Or is that your style?" I say jokingly to break the silent He snorted and chuckled "Yeah ha, you'd like that now wouldn't you?" He replies I chuckled and started to put the groceries away. N kept staring at the both of us so confused. "What's wrong N?" I say "Nothing, this is just so weird" He responds Ravi and I looked at each other and we both turned to look at N. "Why is it weird? I don't see anything weird about it." Ravi says looking at N N shook his head and smiled. "It's just weird how we both know the same girl is all." He says "Umm..helloooooo, the girl you two are talking about is standing right here you know" I say to the both of them They both laughed but N came up to me. "And aren't you glad to have met such handsome, wonderful, sexy guys like us huh y/n" N says while squishing me "Oh lord help me" I say trying to breathe He chuckled but let go of me. "Don't you guys have something to do?" I say continuing to put the groceries away "Oh right we do. We should get a move on Ravi or we'll be late" N replies Both started walking towards the door with me following behind. N grabbed the doorknob and opened the door stepping out into the hallway with Ravi following behind. "Well, it was nice meeting you y/n. Hopefully we can get together and go grab something to eat one day" N said smiling at me. I looked over at Ravi and saw he had his head down quietly. "Sure, N sounds like a plan. You have my number so let me know when your free" I reply back smiling Ravi tensed and I noticed his hands we're now curled into fists. "Will do" He says "Let's go Ravi" He continued and started walking away "I'll see you tomorrow at work y/n" Ravi said looking down at the ground. "Ravi, you won't see me tomorrow since I work the afternoon shift' I respond to him I looked over him to see N had stopped around the corner waiting for Ravi. "I know, which is why I switched to the afternoon shift instead." He said looking up at me I stood their in shock with what he told me. "See you tomorrow" He said with a smile and walked away catching up with N. Oh my God. He switched shifts just to be around me!
I went back inside my apartment to finish off the rest of the groceries. After finishing with that, I got super hungry so I decided to head out and look for a place to eat. I grabbed my bag, made sure I had my wallet in it and headed to the door. I locked the door and made my way out. It was 8pm already but I was hungry and didn't want to make anything today. Everywhere I went, their we're many people walking around. Kids running around, parents scolding them not to do certain things or they'll get hurt. I chuckled because it brought memories of when I was in the kids position. I looked back at the kids, remembering of my childhood when "Oof!" I had bumped into another person making them drop their take out food. Geez, I'm so clumsy. "I'm so sorry about that, I was lost in thought...again" I say looking up at yet another cute guy. "It's no problem at all." He responds "Can I at least buy what I made fall to the floor?" I say looking at him He smiled "It's okay you don't need to do that, I'll just go back and get it myself" He said chuckling "Please, it's the least I can do. I feel so bad for this" I continued "Alright, just so you won't feel bad. The place is actually just around the corner" He said finally giving up "Thank you" I say shyly We walked in silent to the place he had gotten his food. Why do I keep bumping into cute guys. Aish. "Your not from around here are you?" He spoke breaking the silence "No, I'm not. I moved here for the job I got accepted in." I respond "Oo I see. We'll I hope your having a nice time staying here. Hope you haven't had any trouble already" He said chuckling "I sure am enjoying my stay here and so far no trouble at all" I respond chuckling "Here we are. They have very delicious food here. It's the one place I come to all the time." "Oh really? We'll that's good to know since I actually came out here in search for a good place to eat." I respond with a smile "Well this place is amazing. I'm sure you'll love it here. As a matter of fact.." He says pulling me to a table "I'll eat here with you instead of getting take out" He continued as he sat down at a table for two Oh lord, what is going on. How is it that this keeps happening to me. "Oh it's okay, you don't need to do that. I'm sure you have better things to do than waste your time here eating with me" I respond still standing He looked up at me and chuckled. "I have no problem at all. And it's no waste of time either. I was gonna eat alone back at home but now I won't have to" He said Oh well...might as well. "Oh ok, if you say so" I respond back sitting down We looked over at the menu to see what to order. He had already chosen which one since well, it was the food I had made him drop earlier. The waitress came to us and asked us if we we're ready. We both nodded yes and ordered our food. We talked and talked while we waited for our food. A few minutes went by and the waitress came with our food and drinks. I took one bite of the food and was in awe. The food was indeed very good. Now I know where to come to eat. "Looks like you liked the food?" He says "Oh yea, it's very delicious. I see why you chose to come here" I say and took another bite of my food He chuckled and continued to eat. We talked some more while eating. He kept asking me questions about myself and what lead me to make the decision of moving here other than my job. I told him about my parents and their job. How hard they had it and me wanting to work right after I got out from school to help both of them pay bills. "Oooo I See. We'll your a good daughter." He said smiling This guy was so strange. He seems a bit scary and serious but yet when he smiles, he looks adorable that I want to squish him "Thank you, I try to be a good daughter to them. They've helped me out through alot, I would love to give back" I respond smiling We both finished our food. He ended up paying for me after I had told him he didn't need to do that. He wouldn't take no for an answer so I gave up. Once outside the place we noticed it was even darker out. He offered to walk me home. I told him it was okay, that my place wasn't far from here. "I won't take no for answer. A pretty girl like you shouldn't walk alone at night" He said I blushed "It's really no trouble, The Jellyfish building isn't far from here. I can make it on my own" I reply "Ah! Then it's really no trouble at all since I also live there" He says I knew I wasn't gonna win so I just gave up. "Alright then, let's go shall we" I say with a smile We walked and walked in silent. I didn't know what to talk about. It was so awkward I was getting nervous of the silence. "So..." I began to say He turned to look at me curiously. "Soooo what about you? We've talked about me, I would like to know about you a little bit" I continued He chuckled and turned back looking straight ahead. "Well theirs not much to say about me. My life is boring" He says and chuckles "To be seem very interesting to me. I have that um..that..." I say not wanting to continue He turns back to look at me curious. "That what?" He says I looked at him, then back straight ahead not knowing if I should say it. "Don't take this the wrong way but. You got that quiet, mysterious yet I'm gonna kill you if you mess with me kind of vibe" I say shyly I was surprised when I heard him burst out laughing.
"Don't worry, I get that alot actually. I kind of like that though. Helps not getting picked on. Though their is one person who does pick on me...aish I swear..." He says with a huge smile Oooooo something tells me he likes it when that person picks on him. How Cute! He started blushing just thinking about her. "Seems like you don't mind that this person picks on you by the way you blushed there" I said nudging him on the side while wiggling my eyebrows. " I don't..." He says with a small smile and holding the back of his neck. "Awwww ohmygod you do!" I say jumping up and down "Have you told this person how you feel?" I continued to say His smile then fell down. Oops...what did I do... "I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean to-" "No no, it's okay. It's just hard to show my emotions to anyone...especially to the person I like" He says cutting me off "Well, I hope things work out for you" I say patting his back gently "Thank you" He replies back with a smile We finally reach the building and went inside. He walked me to my apartment while talking to me about this person he likes. It was so cute. "Well, here we are. This is me right here" I say getting my keys to unlock the door "It was really nice talking to you. I hope we can meet up again some time" He says with a smile "Of course, here's my number" I say taking out a piece of paper and pen. I handed him the piece of paper. He smiled. His smile is so cute! "Thank you so much, I'll put it on my phone once I get home" He says smiling "I never got your name..." He continued I chuckled because after all this time we never asked for each others name. "That's right we never got each others name. Mines y/n" I say chuckling He started chuckling too because it was true. We we're too focused in the conversations we we're having to even ask. "Well nice to meet you too y/n." He says chuckling as well. "Mine name is Leo" He continued "Nice to meet you too Leo" I respond We both said our Goodbyes and after I saw him disappear around the corner, I went inside. I made my way to the restroom, brushed my teeth, put my pajamas on and went to bed. As I was laying down, I was staring at the ceiling. I was so tired from all that happened today. I yawned as I closed my eyes and mumbled the name... "Leo.."

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Yes!!! Leo!!! As I was reading this one of my favorite VIXX songs came on!!
Lol this girl got the jackpot in where to live!! I mean come on! 3 in the span of what? a day! omgosh!♡♡♡
ahhhhhhhbhh I knew it was Leo! he's too cute I love him omg. I know this about Ravi but Leo makes me crazy!!!!!!!
yay my leo..
I knew it was Leo xD all from the scary/serious part and how he looks adorable when he smiles I was like "LEO!! Thas ma bias!" 😂
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