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Team Shownu Oneshot: Day at the Beach

Alright so this is the first time that i have ever posted anything I've written so I'm rather shy about it. Please don't hate me! Joking. But what better time to post a story than to do it for my UB! Pardon grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and any lengthy descriptions, i tend to do that too much . And i didn't get to proof read. Mild Mature content! Anyway Hope you enjoy. Remember to vote for team Shownu!!
"We'll be there at 7" the text from Minhyuk reads.
You sigh at how early the Monsta X clan wants to pick you up, but it is one of the few days they have off since all the promotions began. Just as you put your phone down another text rings.
"Don't forget your sunscreen!" Its from Shownu, one of your best friends of the group. Along with Minhyuk, and Jooheon, the four of you are practically inseparable.
You giggle at the screen and reply. "Yes oppa, ill be sure to remember it."
"And get to bed early" he replies. He's so caring and sweet, and even though he is your best fell head over heals for him.
Shower done and bag packed you finally head to bed, excited about the trip to the beach tomorrow.
Morning rolls around and you awake to the sound of your phone ringing. You answer and hear "NOOOONNNAAAA we are almost there are you ready?"
Jumping up from your bed the clock reads 6:50! Oh no, the alarm didn't go off!
"Yup just about ready" you quickly reply. A quick goodbye and its off to the closet to throw on some shorts and a tshirt, then run to the bathroom to brush your teeth and tame your unruly hair.
Just as you walk into the living room there is a knock on the door. "perfect timing" you say to yourself. Upon opening the door your greeted by a bouncing Minhyuk and a slightly sleepy Jooheon. After greetings and big hugs they help you take your bag down to the van where everyone else is waiting.
For knowing them almost two years this is the first time going to the beach together so the excitement is rising . The weather has been perfect and the trip is well over due.
Opening the door you greet everyone with a beaming smile and a big "hello"
A mixed reply of quiet hellos and sleepy groan reach your ears. Chucking you hop into the empty seat next to Shownu and begin the journey to the beach.
About ten minutes into the drive you notice that Shownu is rather tense beside you, and you begin to feel nervous. *I hope its not because he knows i like him* you think to yourself. As everyone begins to wake up more the conversation in the van picks up your worry is soon forgotten.
"LOOK! LOOK!" Minhyuk shouts "Its the swimsuit shop. That means we're almost there!"
Minutes later everyone is entering the shop and heading in different directions. Shouts go back and forth as suggestions for one another are made, with an occasional speedo thrown at someone followed by laughter.
"Noona" Wonho calls out "I found the perfect one for you." holding up a bikini with a smile. Its bright red and barely big enough to cover your vital bits.
Suddenly a shout comes from across the store "Put that back! Are you crazy!? She's not wearing anything like that!" everyone turns, shocked to see a red faced Shownu.
With long legs and even longer paces he reaches you and drops a bathing suit in your arms. "Wear this one" he mumbles shyly and heads for the register.
"Looks like i got mine. Hurry up so we can get there soon" You call to everyone. Turning you head for the register with I.M behind you. "Was his morning off to a bad start?" you whisper to him. he looks and shrugs his shoulders.
Half an hour later and your finally at the beach, changing into your bathing suit as the guys set up a spot on the sand. Finally getting a good look at Shownu's pick and its quite pretty, a pale teal with small cutouts on the side, and it fits perfectly!
Walking out you catch up with Kihyun Followed by Shownu who is carrying a cooler to the beach. "Wow y/n that one looks great on you, nice pick Hyung." Kihyun says in Shownu's direction.
"Uhhh um thanks" he nervously mumbles.
"Hey y/n, do you need sunscreen?" kihyun says turning in your direction.
"No thanks Hyunie, i have some in my bag"
The three of you continue on to the beach to meet with the rest of the gang. Your greeted with compliments, to you for the cute swimsuit and Shownu who picked it out. Slightly red faced you both say thank you and rush to help finish setting up.
Sitting under the big umbrella you search your bag for your sunscreen. oh no. Slightly panicked and dumping your bag you still cant find it. it must still be at home. "its ok, its pretty cloudy today i wont need it." you say to yourself "And besides Shownu went through the trouble of reminding me, i cant say i forgot it now."
The next few hours are filled with fun. Beach volleyball, swimming, and collecting shells. You managed to get Shownu and Minhyuk to help with the shell collecting. After a light lunch you relax in the sun with Hyungwon as the rest of the guys are playing a rather heated game of volleyball. "the sun feels so nice" you say turning onto your stomach to let your back soak up the warmth.
A few more hours pass just relaxing and playing in the sun, its been a great day so far. And surprisingly not too many people.
"maybe we should set up the bbq and go buy some meat. There was a store about fifteen minutes back" Wonho suggests.
"yeah great idea" Minhyuk says
"hey i wanna go" Jooheon replies.
"yeah me too" chimes Huyungwon.
After a short discussion its decided that you and Shownu will stay at the beach to watch the stuff and everyone else is going to the store. By the time they left there werent many people still at the beach, which was odd for it onlu being around 4pm.
You each sit on a towel under the big umbrella and begin to talk about how much fun you had today.
"We all have to do this again sometime soon" you say.
"Well we do have another day off in about two weeks" he replies
"Awesome, would be perfect. We had so much fun today it'd be great to do it again"
"Just have to make sure Jooheon doesn't get chased by another crab."
You both crack up at the memory of Jooheon running across the beach away from the "giant" crab. The smile lights up his face which makes yours even bigger. Oh how you wished you could tell him how much you like him, but that could ruin the friendship you shared.
A small itch tingles on your back and as you scratch you wince in pain, he looks at you worried.
"are you okay" he quickly asks. Leaning over to look at your back, worriedly trying to see what hurt you.
Pulling back with a serious look on his face he says "you didn't put sunscreen on today. Did you?" Nervously you shake your head. "You completely forgot it didn't you?" he continues.
"...yes" you quietly reply.
"Alright come sit in front of me" he pats the spot on the towel in front of him "i brought some aloe gel, i figured you might get a burn."
Sitting in front of him you carefully pull the straps off your shoulders and down your back a bit and he pulls the gel from a bag. Handing you a towel to cover your front he then squeezes gel into his hands. He gently begins on the lower exposed part of your back. You jump as his hand makes contact with your skin and your back arches slightly. Finally adjusting to the cooling sensation you relax as he makes his way up your back. Sighs of relief escape your lips as his hands get higher.
*Why couldn't his hands be on you under different circumstances?* Your mind wanders to all those daydreams and fantasies that have filled your head for well over a year. Thoughts cut off as he begins to speak.
"feel good?" he asks in a low voice.
He's moving behind you paying no mind to his movements but focusing on his hands slowing rubbing circles on your back. Just as you open your mouth to ask him how bad it is you freeze. Lips gently placed on your shoulder cause all words to be lost. Another kiss placed next to the last, and another, and another. A small whimper escapes your lips as he makes it to your neck.
"I....I couldn't help myself" he says in a low, deep voice.
Clutching the towel and turning around you look into his eyes, they shine like you've never seen before. Leaning in he places another light kiss on your neck. "y/n" he whispers "I like you. I have for a while now." he pulls back "i didn't tell you because....well we are such good friends and" he fumbles with his words "i just....i couldnt........bu..." You cut him off with a kiss, a rough kiss, a rushed kiss on his soft lips. Just as you pull away his hands catch your face and brings your lips together once more. This time the kiss is more heated as he pulls you onto his lap. Dropping the towel and wrapping your arms around him, you kiss him harder.
He lets out a small groan which is more than enough encouragement. Adjusting your position your lips break away from his and land on his neck, kiss after kiss his groans grow louder. Kisses turn to small nips and bites and he holds you closer, and even tighter than before.
You cant help it at this point and your tongue glides across the smooth skin of his neck. Squeezing his eyes shut he tenses up and pushes you back, only to place his lips on yours once more. Nipping at your bottom lip he wants to enter, and you don't deny him. Parting your lips his tongue slides in to wrestle with yours. You can feel the need flowing from him, a need for you, and your need for him just as great.
In one swift motion your on your back and he is hovering over you. His gaze growing more intense, more dangerous as he stares at you. It makes you shutter to think of what could be going through his mind. Hand on your stomach and lips on your neck he begins to bite, a quick gasp and a loud moan escape you. Bite, lick, suck. Bite, lick, suck. Back arching and nails in his arms, your consumed by just his lips. Lips working on your neck his hand finally reaches the top of your swim suit and begins to pull it down. Down and down your breast almost visible.
A yell rings across the sand "Guysss you didn't even get the grill set up!"
Wide eyed he jumps up pulling you with him resuming his position sitting behind you. Wrapping the towel around your front once more he grabs the gel in his hand.
Suddenly your surrounded by the rest of the group questioning why the grill wasn't set up yet.
"Sunburn" he simply says as he continues to rub your back.
With an innocent smile from you it was hard for them to protest.
"We'll be continuing that later" Shownu whispered in your ear as everyone began to surround you with drinks and food waiting to be cooked.
@Chace @Starbell808 @PrettieeEmm @MelissaGarza thanks guys! I'm glad you liked it :)
love it
ag he's soo adorable! the whole swimsuit yell out was my favorite part! it was an awesome story! thanks^^
that was so hot and sweet!... i want to read about later ;) lol
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