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Did they make a lot of money? Apparently not. "Many companies simply licensed the game out themselves despite never having been granted rights to it in the first place, most notably of which was the British Andromeda company who failed to acquire licensing rights, but had already sold licensing rights to another company while they were negotiating to get the right to do so in the first place. After failing to acquire the rights to do what they had already done, they simply kept selling the rights to the game anyways." Read more at http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2011/02/the-rights-to-tetris-were-originally-owned-by-the-soviet-union/#W5kOCoAyIgIrwgsK.99
@leecatlee it's an actual building in the Red Square in Moscow...I'd like to go see it one day :D @lovemilkis yes comrade lol
@oj1992 haha classics like these never get old @nshen1 I have no idea, but I imagine it's a lot! @Johnlee I think it sucks even more for the guy that invented it, he got NOTHING until the Russian gov gave the rights back to him in 1996
In soviet russia... :)
who would've thunk? and that tetris building is so funny!
Man that really sucks for Russia haha. I had no idea about this!
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