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as some of you have heard BTS and bighit were being criticized by people because of their song war of hormone apparently the "people" thought it was offensive since they thought BTS was talking about women but they apologized what more do you want? and its not like they did it on purpose get that through your head and now since all that happened by leader mon namjoonie cant sleep because he thinks he is in the wrong like really people stop just please think before you say anything
Also adding to my earlier post, Namjoon wouldn't have been asked to preform a song for the Fantastic 4 soundtrack if he wasn't good and didn't know his stuff. I am proud of Namjoon and no one can tell me to not be.
BTS was started around rap monster he was the first. He may not be my bias now but he was the first member I was really interested in I think he's someone who's really deep and has a lot to say to this world but can't because he's afraid of because hated on/ criticized more than he already is. I choose to ignore fake fans but sometimes in situations like this I can't ignore them
@kpopjpopjrock1 @Gaehwa @LunaCordero @ChandraTorres @KpopGaby i agree with all of you he should be appreciated for all that he has done for BTS and for us ARMYS share this card with others please to show how much appreciation we should give to namjoon thank you
so many people have so much negativity against this young man! He done more then most can say at that age he leads he writes he sings he raps and he dances. He holds the group stable and we'll mannered. He had to grow up in front of us and what does he get .. RIDICULED AND HATE!? Well from the people that have seen his growth and his strength even at times his weakness I've never been more proud. Namjoon has made me laugh cry and swoon just for him being him. if he wasn't in BTS I would never have had the privilege to say yes I know of him. So Thank you Namjoon Thank you for coming into my life and wrecking my bias list and showing me that no matter what life throws at you Just keep smiling and let the haters Hate! LOVE YA NAMJOON
The more popular they get, the more they get bashed. My feeling is, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. There are artists I don't listen to because I don't care for their music and/or lyrics. You don't have to bash them if you don't like it..DON'T listen to it!
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