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Alright I was ready to write tonight so here it is another chapter.....I bounced that ball back so fast! Alright Jenni! Your turn again lol I know I updated fast so click chapter 3 to read what @SweetDuella posted just a short few hours ago.
“Alright since we are done, let’s go eat I’m starving” Sarah said walking out of the studio room. “Great show ladies, although you almost went a little overboard on the mind reading comment Jenni.” the producer said “But I didn’t say anything bad; I just said that it was dirty thoughts.” “Anyways Thank you BTS for being here today, please thank everyone at bighit for me as well.” “I will make sure to do so.” Namjoon said “Alright are you guys joining us for dinner?” Sarah asked “Yes Jenni has to feed me!” V said “Oh I totally forgot I said I’d do that.” Jenni said laughing “How can you forget something like that?” V said pretending to cry. “Alright I’m sorry, Dinner will be my treat.” Jenni said causing everyone to cheer. “Awesome I was going to offer but since you are this is great for me” Sarah said walking out the door and they all soon followed after her. “Where are we going to eat?” Namjoon asked “Korean BBQ” Sarah and Jenni shouted at the same time. “Noona!” Sarah stopped in her tracks and turned to Kookie. “What was that for? You don’t need to call me that.” “But doesn’t Noona like it.” Sarah bit her lip and her eyes got big. She turned to look at Jenni who was laughing at the situation. “Um… “ “Be honest Sarah you know you LOVE IT!” Jenni said very loudly which caused Sarah to blush and look at her feet. “Ok I do like it! Namjoon do something to Jenni to make her stop.” Sarah said pointing at the two. “What do you want me to do?” he asked “I don’t know she likes you the best.” “Hey just because I like him the best doesn’t mean he can have an effect on me.” Jenni said and Namjoon took a step closer to her. He placed his lips by her ear. “Noona will you feed me.” The way his breath hit her ear sent shivers down her spine. “Oh god! Ok!” Jenni said putting her hands to her face. “Thanks Namjoon.” “Noona why are you avoiding me!” Kookie said again trying to grab Sarah’s attention. “I’m not….Ok… Kookie make sure to sit next to me alright.” Sarah didn’t know what to think of Kookie being so cute and wanting her attention. “Noona … don’t forget to feed me, you said you would.” Jin said “Ok…Ok but guys just call me Sarah I can’t handle the Noona thing anymore, I want to live!” Sarah said causing them all to laugh. “I Agree just call me Jenni, Noona is cute and all but, I think Sarah likes it too much and might not want to let you guys go home later.” Jenni said laughing. “No I wouldn’t keep them….that is really mean…. Wait haven’t we had this discussion?” Sarah said looking at Jenni “You know it sounds like it. We have so many conversations it wouldn’t surprise me if we had this discussion again.” “Wait you guys have thought about locking us away?” Jimin asked “No, of course not… we talked about kidnapping you guys.” Jenni said with a straight face. “What!” J-hope said “We never were going to do it; it’s just something we talked about when bored. Right Sarah.” Everyone looked to Sarah who was laughing and couldn’t catch her breath. “Oh my god……J-hope… yo…your…face….ahh too… funny…..” “Sarah!” “woo!..... hahahha that was too much. I promise you guys…..we won’t kidnap you, the world needs you more than we do.” Sarah had finally calmed down enough to breath. “And we are here!” Jin and Suga said walking in. “I think we scared them” Jenni said to Sarah “Ha yea we did. They are going to be watching us.” Sarah whispered back. They all sat around the table and waited for the food they ordered to come.
This is the yummy food that was eaten....I was so hungry writing about this food so I had to speed through it lol.
"Alright Jin sit next to me since I have to feed you” Sarah said patting the spot next to her that was open since Kookie was sitting next to her on one side. “V…I’m calling you Tae since you aren’t on stage ok?” Jenni said getting a nod from V. “Don’t worry well sit by you” Namjoon said and both Tae and Namjoon sat down next to Jenni. There was small talk until the food was placed on the table. “I’ll cook the meat” Yoongi said. “Yay! Thanks Yoongi!” Sarah said “You’re welcome.” He said “Here let’s have a drink while we wait on the meat” Jenni said opening a bottle. “Cheers!” They all said once they all had there drinks. “Oh that’s good. “ Hoseok said “How was it Kookie?” Jenni asked “It was ok.” He said with a cough. “Here” Sarah handed him her drink. “What is this?” he asked “It’s just a Pepsi” she smiled Finally the meat was done. Both Jenni and Sarah grabbed a piece of lettuce and put a piece of meat on it and added vegetable’s and then rolled it up. “Open wide Jin” Sarah said while opening her mouth wide, Jin followed her instructions and she placed the food in his mouth and squealed when he was eating the food. “Kookie you want me to make you one?” she asked starting to make another one. “Yes please” and with that Sarah also fed Kookie. Jenni made another one and then held one in each hand. “Ok I’m going to hold these here and you move your heads to eat it.” Tae quickly took the food from Jenni's hand and then started to add more to eat. He was very hungry. Namjoon on the other hand grabbed Jenni’s hand and pulled it closer to his mouth. Then he took it in his mouth and still held her hand just a little bit longer before backing up and finishing eating his food. After dinner many were a little buzzed and others seemed fine. “Alright I have to ask a question” Sarah said walking over to a bench. They were walking because of how nice it was, but the guys all had masks covering their faces. “What’s that?” Jimin asked “I’d really like to know how old of a Noooooona you guys would date?” Sarah was one of the buzzed people. “Age is just a number to me, so it doesn’t matter.” Namjoon said “I haven’t really thought about it I’ll go with what Namjoon said, that sounds like a good answer.” Jimin laughed. “5 years.” Jin said “Well I think 15 years but age doesn’t matter when it’s true love.” Hoseok added with a smirk. “I know why you asked this question.” Jenni said smiling “Shh I still need to hear the other 3s answers. “10 years” Tae said “Well I say 80 years.” Yoongi said “Dude you’re just lazy and don’t want to think too hard.” Tae said “Eh whatever that’s my answer” he said and then it was the youngest turn to answer. “I would have to say no more than 9 years older.” Kookie said this looking at Sarah “YES!” Sarah said and did a little dance. “Jenni?” “Kookie just made her the happiest woman alive; she now thinks she’s not old enough for you.” Jenni laughed. “Well what about you?” Kookie asked “I knew I wasn’t old, and I’m in the age range for the one I like.” Jenni said with a smile “It’s NAMJOON!” Sarah said while running over to Tae and jumping on his back. “I will kill her in the morning.” Jenni said trying not to look at Namjoon. “Jenni can I have your number?” “Really?” “Yeah, I don’t want to lose contact with you after tonight.” He smiled showing his cute dimples causing her to fumble and hand her phone over to him. “Tae why aren’t you running?” Sarah said “Because…. Hey Kookie come here.” Tae said “No…..” Sarah said trying to get off of Tae “Why not?” Tae asked “Because.” Sarah had squirmed enough and Tae dropped her but Kookie was there holding onto her quick. “I got you.” He said and Sarah hugged him. “My hero! I promise I am not like this all the time. I’ll be better next time we see each other.” “Can I have…. Your phone.” “Sure. Why?” Sarah didn’t understand why this shy boy was asking for her phone but she didn’t care. “Alright I’m going to text you tomorrow and I’m going to tell you about everything you did tonight.” He smirked. “Oh you are so mean!” Sarah playfully slapped his arm. “Hey guys we need to go, we have to get some sleep for tomorrows schedules.” Namjoon said. “Hey thanks for the fun time, well see you guys again.” Jenni said “Yea, here get in the taxi and go home.” Jimin said pointing to the taxi on the street. “Were ok we live a few blocks away.” “Oh ok.” “You guys get home safe.” “Bye.” They all said and the girls watched them get in there van and drive away. “Well that was a great night don’t you think?” Jenni said “Ha yea, I’m happy that Kookie would be ok with dating someone my age.” Sarah said “Yea… Now we need to get home and get some sleep we have work early.” “Ugh I know!” The girls went home and slept only to be woken a few hours later because of their alarms. Both girls woke up to Good Morning Texts.
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I kinda wish I was a noona. It was so cute when they were feeding BTS! It would be so fun and cute if I could feed BTS, I would die!!!
hmmmm cute!! I am into this!! I love it you two!
omg haha, my friend and I talk about kidnapping too. we joke around that we're going to chloroform them and kidnap them. it's kind of bad but you know, it's just for fun
Dinner with all the boys!! Feeding Kookie, Jin, Namjoon and V! Omg!! That 80 answer from Suga tho had me rollin!😂
I'm excited for the next one eeek! 💚
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