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Virtual Dating & Conversation. Let me share with you a hobnob of having simple online dating conversation sans (without) vulgar talks with a girl. Its about having a adept conversation & it all depends on how both the individuals reciprocate. The conversation generally starts with mind and it should end up by shaking hands virtually and possibly setting a meet over a coffee table, as lot of things can be shared over a cup of coffee. To share an experience, I had met a nice and friendly girl and we had our conversations like we knew each other since long time. There was humour, little arguments, funny moments and a cup of coffee. Though we met only once, as her role was only limited in my life upto that moment. But we vowed to be in touch or talk over a phone when time permits.:-) This is how a conversation should be..!!
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You give good advice. As a female, I can vouch for this. Listening is reciprocal. I would casual just like that person is actually sitting across from you. Hopefully, this will keep you in the moment.
@CoolAj10 and a nightmare when the conversation stuck, i'm an introvert, i used to ask somebody random question if they like cheese
You need to shed your introvert attitude. I was also an introvert. Somehow I got over it, when I was in my first job. I started making light conversations, made good friends and then eventually developed rapport with girls. I got to understand them and started knowing slowly what girls prefer, what they like to do and what type of conversation a girl prefers. You need to acknowledge the girls gesture and reciprocate accordingly. Don't be possessive nor aggressive. You need to be calm and not shaky and don't be in hurry to make a girlfriend. Try to be friend first by making a first move and start a conversation on friendly note. If you have a group of friends and if girls are there, try to converse them. If they are real friends they will help you out to get over your introvert nature. Keep smiling which very important.
@CoolAj10 light conversation is my weakness, it will end around couple of minutes but i can stand serious discussion in hours
Sure... just point out a female I can actually have a conversation with that doesn't lead to them needing therapy, making excuses, or both... 馃槀