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hello and welcome to my second installment of a really boring story...hahaha I hope it's not. Again this is based off a game by @Choijiah. Our lovely Q3 squad decided to give us B2uties some fun this week and I hope it last for a long long long long long long long long long.. lonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg time. Any who I love feedback so give it to me in private if your chewing my head off you crazy animals. jk I doubt animals can read. alright soooo let's get down to business and here is chapter 2.......... Previous? One Next Part? Three
The lunch room was packed with familiar faces that Tae had never really paid much time with in school. As her dark orbs roamed about Tae realized that the room was very much like high school. There were the tables in the back that held most of the people she hung out with including her two dance mates. Next to them sat Hina her only female friend inand then a mop of brown hair that belonged to a thin guy with a tiny frame........HYUNSEUNG!!! Tae quickly turned around not ready to confront him. Not tonight. This was too early and in her face. Did she have to jump into her project right this moment? Tae took a deep breath and focused on what was in front of her. Oh the check in tables!!! Tae padded to the Nearest table that had a girl from home room sitting behind it. Moving her way towards it she smiled just before feeling a sharp pain in the back of her head. The force was enough to knock her down and she fell straight forward catching herself on the table before her. Tae groaned as her glasses fell off her face and her hair whipped down. People gasped in shock as she stayed there for a moment. 'A..are you alright?" The female from home room asked as she stood up and was ready to help Tae. The battered Tae Chan lifted her chin and smiled as best she could. "I'm fine. Don't worry" she lifted a hand and stood up straight grabbing her glasses. "I'm so sorry," the attacker pleaded Making Tae spirled around to see who it was. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets as she saw who stood before her. Towering over her was a male she remembered all too well. memories of revealing his name to Hina floated to her mind as she stood there almost in a daze. Hina practically chased him all over the school when Tae told her she had a crush Dujun....ugh bad memories. Tae shook her head and smiled. "Dujun. I'm fine. Please don't worry. See?" Tae bent forward showing the top of her head to the male then smiled just before she whipped around to look at the girl. " I need to check in. Han Tae Chan class A-2," she uttered softly as she put a hand on the table for support. She leaned over the table as the girl peered through the pages of names she had. Tae scanned the names as fast as she could trying to see if she could catch Dongwoon or Gikwangs name. If those two had already showed up then Taeno would need to have a word with them. Ignoring anyone around her Tae studied the names until the girl looked up. "Right here Han Tae Chan," she pointed a pen to Tae's name placing a check mark next to it. "You are assigned to clean bathrooms on Sunday before we leave, also kitchen duty Saturday morning. Here is your schedule with your class," she smiled handing a paper to Tae. Tae took the sheet and scanned it for a moment. "Ahhh is Kang Minhyun around here by any chance?" Tae asked as she stood up straight. "Bossing around her possy in the bathroom I think," Tae waved and smiled before turning around to go find her roommate. Yay. Some #*$%&'s never change. Darting To the bathroom she tried to keep her luggage out of other peoples way. who cares. Minhyun could be a stupid child all Tae cared as long as Tae got into her room it was fine. While nearing the bathroom the irritated female pushed the ladies door open and moved inside. She peered about and spotted an annoying familiar face. "Min hyun Im your roommate this weekend. I can't get in," Tae bluntly stated pulling her bag behind her. Short blond hair turned and dark red lips curved in a grin. "Oh Tae Tae you came?" The female sauntered over in tiny faded shorts that were shorter then her female productive organs. Major camel toe going on Tae Thought as she sized up the other. "Yup now let me in the room please," Tae Chan rolled her neck to the side to show that she was short on pleasantries. Minhyun ignored Tae's action and started talking. "Oh did you see Gikwang? I heard he is married and she's a total $%#&*. Also Dongwoon is such a loser. Ahh I almost forgot Hyuns.." "Ill talk to them after I get my stuff unpacked," Tae cut in holding her hand out for Minhyuns key. "I'm sorry but the drive was a bit long. I live in the states now and want some rest with a large green teas frap," Tae muttered in English. "Oh yes. You moved so far away. How was that? Did you marry anyone on tv? Did you become that book editor you wanted to be?" It was clear Minhyun only wanted to drag things out but Tae was in no mood to break into her cottage. She didn't want to get billed for that. She took a deep breath and decided to give Minhyun some insight just to shut her up. "I didn't. I changed my major five times until I decided I wanted to be a misuse. Now I live in a huge city and I get paid 200$ an hour to rub my hands down rich men's asses. I'm pretty good at that and I'll give you my business card if you let me into the room," Tae Chan huffed. Minhyun and the other females stood quietly and in shock as they processed Tae's words for a moment. "sh...sure," MinHyun held out the key to Tae Chan which Tae took without a flinch. She turned around and started out the exit. "idiots," she muttered in English. they didn't need to know her business.
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