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Okay guys, here's another "One Piece" fact list. The Shichibukai (Seven War Lords of the Sea) edition. This will include past ones, as well as the ones in the present. Like the other fact list, those already mentioned will not be in this one. Such as Trafalgar Law and Teach (Who are in the Worst Generation version).
So please sit back and enjoy, Fun "One Piece" Facts you might not have known, Shichibukai edition.
Lets start off with the "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock, The most beautiful woman in the world. 1.) She was 29 before the time skip and 31 after. 2.) She is the same height as Law, standing at 6'3". 3.) She had a former bounty of 80 million. 4.) She is the only female Shichibukai. 5.) It is revealed in one of the data books that Hancock apparently used to be older than her current version. She was supposed to have a more "evil-based theme" and a scarier look. She also had tattoos on her face and did not have any bangs in the beginning. It is unconfirmed why Oda changed her appearance so much, though it could have been to make her eventual transition to an ally more believable. 6.) Given that all members of the Kuja tribe are named after flowers, it is possible that her first name comes from the scientific name for the snowberry, a plant known for its showy flowers, symphoricarpos chenaultii hancock. Her family name, Boa, comes from the boa, a group of constricting snakes. 7.) She is the only Shichibukai to not be voted in the 4th Japanese Poll. This is due to her character not being introduced at the time. In the 5th Japanese Fan Polls, Hancock ranked as the tenth most popular character in One Piece making her the second most popular Shichibukai (aside from Trafalgar Law), the second most popular female character (Nami being the first), and the fifth most popular "non-Straw Hat" character in the series. She is also the only character on that poll's top 10 list who had made no major appearance in a recent arc. 8.) She is the only known female character that possesses Haoshoku HakiIn. 9.) Her character has several references to Greek mythology: Her tribe, the Kuja, being a nation of all-female warriors, is heavily based on the Amazons. And her relationship with Luffy starting off with malice but later turning into friendship and later love (on Hancock's half) which is a reversal of the Amazonian queen Hippolyta'srelationships with Heracles and (in some versions) Theseus, both of which started off friendly but ended rather adversely. Similarities to Medusa include the ability to turn people into stone (although the methods are very different), the general snake theme, and most obviously, both are one of three Gorgon sisters (though Medusa was the youngest, as opposed to Hancock who is the eldest.) In some versions of the myth, she was turned into a monster against her will by Athena; similar to how Hancock was forcefully fed her Devil Fruit by the tenryubito. She is also very similar to Calypso in the fact that she has an island inhabited by only women, she is irresistible to most men, and she is quite shocked that her respective hero (Luffy instead of Odysseus) can resist her charm and ask for a boat to leave (Although Odysseus did take part in lovemaking with her for quite a long while before his departure). The situation involving Luffy being the first one to ever really resist Hancock's charms caused the latter to fall in love with him, and also mirrors how Odysseus' resistance to Circe's charms eventually caused her to fall hopelessly in love with him, too. Her ability to seduce men is similar to the sirens, who would seduce and lure sailors to a watery doom; only Sirens used their voice rather than their physical beauty.
Donquixote Doflamingo, the "Heavenly Demon", a.k.a "Joker". 1.) He was 39 before the time skip and 41 after. 2.) Doflamingo stands at a whopping 10 feet tall. (Jesus Christ this guy is big!!!l 3.) He had a previous bounty of 340 million. 4.) In One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, an early concept of Donquixote Doflamingo was revealed, showing that he was originally a rapper, and that he was supposed to be a little younger than his current setting. These designs might have carried over to Scratchmen Apoo. 5.) Doflamingo's flag was the first "smilie" style Jolly Roger to be seen in the series. Doflamingo also stated that slavery is "out", but smilies are "in". With the introduction of SAD and his illicit underground network trafficking in man-made Zoans, "SMILE", the meaning behind his words and symbol become much clearer. 6.) His surname is a reference to Don Quixote, the main character of the famous Spanish novel "El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha", while his given name,Flamingo, is a bird whose plumage resembles Doflamingo's flamboyant jacket and likely comprises it. 7.) Doflamingo's Devil Fruit has had the longest gap between its first demonstration and when it was named, at 490 chapters (over 11 years). 8.) In the 5th Fan Poll Doflamingo ranked 17th, making him the 3rd most popular of the original Shichibukai, and 4th most popular over all. This also ranks him as the second most popular major antagonist of the series. 9.) Doflamingo is the second antagonist (the first being Caesar Clown) to have his own original soundtrack (the soundtrack can be heard during the flashback where he blackmails King Riku). 10.) Doflamingo shares some very notable parallelisms with Crocodile. They both have been Shichibukai, both arrested after Luffy sending them crashing to the ground unconscious.They both were leaders of a powerful criminal organization with multiple Devil Fruit users with codenames (both including a bomber, a human that can change their weight, a user that can change their limbs into steel, a user that uses their powers for art, and a user that can mobilize underground).They both operated under the façade of celebrated heroes in their respective countries, committing dark dealings that contributed to the countries' deterioration.Crocodile was the main antagonist of the second saga of Part 1 (Alabasta Saga), while Doflamingo was the main antagonist of the second saga of Part 2 (Dressrosa Saga). They both are Devil Fruit users and have mastered their powers to high levels, able to severely distort the surrounding environments.They both drape furry coats as capes for their common clothes.They both were present at Roger's execution.They both aimed to control a whole country (with Doflamingo having succeeded) with similar plans: by framing the current king for unforgivable crimes against the people, while appearing later as the hero.They both have earned the scorn of said country's princess who aimed to kill them for their crimes (Vivi for Crocodile and Rebecca for Doflamingo).They were also both spied by said country's princess who went by a codename as well to keep their fathers alive (Crocodile by Vivi as Miss Wednesday for Cobra and Doflamingo by Viola as Violet for Dold). They both contrabanded illegal substances (Dance Powder and SAD). They both acted cruel to subordinates that they deemed useless and unworthy of their military powers (Crocodile discarded Galdino, Doflamingo discarded Bellamy).They both attempted a genocide of the respective countries they were trying to control, both failing in the end.They both were attacked in a way that would have decapitated them if they did not have Devil Fruit powers, but instead avoided harm altogether (Vivi attacked Crocodile with her Peacock Slashersbut he dissipated into sand, Kyros appeared to lop Doflamingo's head off with his sword but Doflamingo had faked him out with a clone made of string).They both were defeated by Luffy in a way that wrought havoc on the nearby residential areas where they had fought him (Crocodile was knocked out of an underground temple containing a Poneglyph, causing the road and some buildings above it to be thrown asunder, Doflamingo was sent crashing into the ground with such force it leveled all of the surrounding buildings). 11.) Doflamingo also shares some parallelisms with Enel. Both at one point considered themselves gods (Enel had and still seems to harbor a god complex. Doflamingo grew up among Celestial Dragons, who saw themselves as gods). Both of them were hit by attacks which were normally guaranteed to kill whoever they hit by targeting their internal organs (Wyper used a Reject Dial to stop Enel's heart after nullifying his Goro Goro no Mi with the Seastonein his skates; Law used his Gamma Knife technique to destroy Doflamingo's internal organs). Yet, though they both suffered catastrophic internal injuries, their Devil Fruit powers let them revive themselves (Enel restarted his heart by jolting it with electricity, Doflamingo stitched his organs back together).They both successfully destroyed a place where the people they tyrannized lived with their Devil Fruit powers (Enel obliterated the Skypiean land of Angel Island with Raigo, Doflamingo destroyed Dressrosa with the Birdcage). 12.) Doflamingo's sunglasses being broken by Luffy paralleled Kuro's glasses breaking at the end of his fight with Luffy; both characters were closely associated with their glasses. Furthermore, Doflamingo has always hidden his eyes behind some form of frames even in flashbacks to his youth. His eyes have been scarcely seen; his right eye has been glimpsed twice — once after waking up from a nightmare and again after his glasses were broken. His left eye, however, has never been seen uncovered. 13.) Doflamingo's favorite food is lobster. His least favorite is barbecue, due to his childhood trauma. 14.) Doflamingo is the first known paramecia type devil fruit user to awaken his devil fruit powers. This gives him the ability to turn his surrounding into string.
Jimbei the "Knight of the Sea" or "First son of the Sea" 1.) He was 44 before the time skip and 46 after. 2.) Jimbei is 9'10½". 3.) He has a current bounty of 400 million. 4.) Among the Shichibukai, Jinbe has a whale shark animal theme. He was also the only fishman Shichibukai. 5.) His blood type is F, the same as Luffy's. 6.) In the 5th fan poll, Jinbe ranked 35th, making him the most popular Fishman in the series. 7.) Jinbe holds the longest time from his mention to his full reveal (mentioned in Chapter 69, December 1998, appeared Chapter 528, January 2009), for over 10 years and 458 chapters.
Crocodile, "Sir Crocodile", "Desert King", and "Mr. 0" 1.) Crocodile was 44 pre skip and 46 after. 2.) He is 8'3½". 3.) He had a bounty of 81 million. 4.) One Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed that an early concept of Crocodile was capable of making up very hard riddles, similar to the villain Riddler from DC Comics. 5.) Miss Goldenweek's Rainbow Color Trap reveals that his dream was to become the Pirate King. 6.) The soundtrack playing during Crocodile's defeat is Dvorak's New World Symphony, specifically the 4th movement, "Allegro con fuoco". It was the third time in the anime when a piece of classical music was played in the anime (The first being Buggy and Gaimon's farewell, during which Chopin's Etude in E Major played, the second being Dr. Hiluluk's last speech, during which Ave Maria was played and the fourth being when the zombies claimed Absalom as their leader, withLudwig van Beethoven's rendition of Ode to Joy). 7.) It was noted that if the World Governmenthad known Crocodile was head of Baroque Works, his bounty would be at least 162 million. 8.) Crocodile is the first Shichibukai to be defeated by Luffy. 9.) In the 5th Japanese Fan Poll, Crocodile is ranked the 15th most popular character in One Piece, making him the 2nd most popular of the original Shichibukai, the 3rd overall, and the most popular antagonist in the series. Coincidentally, 15 is the same spot he occupied in the first poll he was in. 10.) Crocodile is the only one of the original Shichibukai to possess a Logia Devil Fruit. 11.) Crocodile is the only one of the original Shichibukai to possess a Logia Devil Fruit.
Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk 1.) He was 41 before the time skip and 43 after. 2.) He stands about 6'6". 3.) He and Jimbei are currently the only known Shichibukai who do not have Devil Fruit powers. 4.) The only duel between Shanks and Mihawk that was actually seen is in the game One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 2. It was used as an intro for both of them as bosses. 5.) On his character poster for Grand Battle! that appears when he is unlocked, his name is spelled "Mihark". 6.) In the 5th Japanese Fan Poll, Mihawk ranked as the 23rd most popular character, making this the first poll where he was not ranked as the most popular Shichibukai. The most popular Shichibukai was Trafalgar Law, who placed as both most popular Shichibukai and non Strawhat character, as the second most popular "One Piece", passing even Zoro, and only passed himself by Luffy. 7.) He is the first Shichibukai shown in the series. 8.) In the FUNimation dub, when he makes his speech to Zoro, he uses his epithet instead of his real surname. 9.) He shares his birthday with Shanks and Franky (March 9). 10.) He is the only Shichibukai with no known bounty.
Gecko Moria 1.) He has a former bounty of 320 million. 2.) He stands at an astonishing 22'8½" (like holy crap what does he eat?!?!?) 3.) He was 48 before time skip and 50 after. 4.) One Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed early concepts of Moriah. We can see how Moriah underwent many transformations before becoming his official appearance. One picture shows us an early concept of Moriah that looks nothing like his current look, with him wearing a strange mask and a hood. The other shows how first, Moriah was supposed to be a pastor who had a split personality, and even after his appearance became closer to that of what he is now, his setting was a schemer that sets traps. 5.) In a series that usually prides itself on continuity and foresight, Moriah has the dubious honor of having some of the most noticeable plot discrepancies in One Piece surrounding him, namely, his power and the contradictions of the rules given to it. Though a good deal are anime only, Oda has ignored the rules on at least one occasion, most notably during the Battle of Marineford when he summons zombies to his aid.Anyone whose shadow is taken would die in the sunlight, yet the shadows were taken on the battlefield where their owners would be unable to avoid sunlight. This would turn the zombies into corpses again since the shadow leaves the zombie when the original owner dies, yet none lost their shadow.As recent casualties they shouldn't possess the myriad of stitches and scars that they have, which normally originate from Hogback's surgeries to make the corpses functional. Even if they were otherwise dismembered before their death, Hogback was not there to reattach their limbs or sew up other injuries. However this might have just been a choice of art style, since all of his zombies are like this.They rose up from the ice, which was made by Aokiji freezing a section of the bay. Zombies are cleansed of their shadows if they come into contact with salt, so they should have lost their shadows before they were even resurrected. 6.) Based on his name, general appearance and the collar of his shirt bearing a resemblance to a lizard's frilled neck, his animal theme is that of a gecko. 7.) Both parts of his name may support his theme: Gekko, in Japanese means "moonlight" (which suits his horror theme as well), sounds like the English word gecko, a type of lizard, and "Moriah" may come from 蠑螈 which can be read as "imori", meaning "newt". And the bolded letters of Gekko Moriah, which makes Komori, means "bat" in Japanese. 8.) He is one of the few characters that keep their unique laugh in the FUNimation dub.
Buggy "The Clown" 1.) He had a former bounty of 15 million. 2.) Buggy was originally going to be called "Boogie". The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, saw a movie and saw that the name "Boogie" was taken. Oda quickly thought up the new name so he changed it to "Buggy". "Boogie" was drawn in a harder, more realistic style, making him look more like a traditional 'scary horror clown' not too different from other clown-like villains in fiction such as the Joker from Batman. This is a contrast to Buggy's more rounded and cartoonish face in the final version. Buggy's red nose was also made bigger and more of an important feature on his face in comparison to Boogie, who had a normal-looking nose. 3.) One of Oda's SBS questions asked if Buggy's penis was also able to split and fly off. Oda replied "his penis can fly too" as every part of Buggy's body could fly off, but his feet. 4.) Though not considered canon, a scene of Ace ditching Buggy can be seen at the end of Ace's ending for the game One Piece: Grand Battle 3. After entering a bar and feasting on food, Ace (currently asleep) wakes up and realizes he has forgotten something and run Is out of the bar - leaving Buggy with the 380 million belli bill. 5.) He is seen amongst the audience of the theater in a trailer for Movie 6, even though he himself has no part in the story. 6.) When Buggy detaches his head and floats around, he resembles a Nukekubi - a flesh-eating humanoid monster of Japanese mythology said to detach its head during the night to float around and hunt for mortals to victimize. 7.) Buggy is the first villain who is a Devil Fruit user. 8.) He has shown to involuntarily split up his body when shocked or surprised. A joke to show that the news has caused him to "go to pieces". 9.) In an SBS, a fan asked if Buggy bled when using his Devil Fruit powers, only for Oda to reply that it would make him appear too scary. 10.) Buggy is the shortest known Shichibukai.
Bartholomew Kuma, "The Tyrant" 1.)He had a former bounty of 296 million. 2.) He was 45 before the time skip and 47 after. 3.) He has a height of 4.) In an interview about Strong World, Oda revealed that he originally intended the steering wheel in the head concept of Shiki to be used on Kuma. He turned down the idea and decided later to use it for Shiki. 5.) Kuma was revealed to have been effectively dead during the Battle of Marineford, which concluded the Golden Age of Pirates and began the "New Age". Coincidentally, it was Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts whose death ended the real world's "Great Pirate Age" 6.) Following the dismissal of Gekko Moriah, Kuma is now both the oldest and the tallest of the still active Shichibukai (based on given information). 7.) Kuma is the only known person to be affiliated with pirates, the Revolutionaries, the Marines, and the Shichibukai 8.) In the 5th fan poll, Kuma ranked 85th, making him the least popular of the Shichibukai both current and previous. 9.) He is the first cyborg to appear in the series, though he wasn't revealed as one until the Thriller Bark Arc.
Edward Weevil "Whitebeard Jr." 1.) He is the self proclaimed son of Edward Newgate, a.k.a "White Beard". 2.) His former bounty was 480 million. 3.) Weevil has the highest known former bounty of all the Shichibukai so far. 4.) He is the last of the Shichibukai appointed mid-timeskip to be revealed, and the most recent Shichibukai to be revealed overall. Not much is known about this Shichibukai yet, but it is looking like he might be a main antagonist of a arc sometime down the road.
Well there you go, some interesting "One Piece" facts about the Shichibukai, that you might not have know. @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon @KurosakiJess
Crocodile is also the longest running antagonist to date, spanning several arcs.
@AdamDean haha thanks man xD I didn't know that one lol