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DAY 18 - Favorite supporting female anime character?

Sango from Inuyasha!


Sango is a fun, strong and independent woman who shines. She is an awesome character to watch. I love when she gets angry over jealousy because of Miroku's flirting. He is scared of her which I find truly hilarious and enjoyable. She is beautiful and can be girly even in her fighting armor. I like her outfit when she is traveling around with her adorable twin-tailed cat Kirara. She is a great fighter and doesn't stand for when a man is trying to play her for a fool.
Sango is caring, funny and kind. She is definitely my favorite supporting female anime character!
I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments who YOUR favorite female supporting anime character is!
Let Me Know! ^.^~
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Erza Scarlett takes the cake so easily, she is my idol in life
a year ago·Reply
@Riethu I did think about Erza but I still like Sango more
a year ago·Reply
maybe konan from naruto or kurorko shirai from a certain scientific railgun or Elsie from twgok
a year ago·Reply
lol there r many more but those 3 r the ones that only came to mind
a year ago·Reply