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Hey Manga Nakama I am so happy that we are back once again with this quarter for manga buuuut we have to set down some Guidelines so it can be fun safe and drama free! Each community have to follow these guidelines to make it less stressful as an update from the last guideline (here)

1. No Irrelevant cards!

Yes, the problem of you wanting to spread your love of something to the world on vingle can be okay but you have to add it to the right card to the right communities or else it would be reported for being in the wrong area

2. Make sure to put titles on your cards

So your card wont get deleted or blocked because you might have some pretty awesome stuff but you didn't have a title on top

3. NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!

Because you love this one chapter of a manga or an episode of anime that you are caught up on there are some people who did not read the chapter or watched the episode or series If you are making a card that has spoilers, Please PLEASE put a warning in the title so everyone will notice and back away from the card (Don't put the spoiler picture right after your spoiler of a new page of the manga chapter on your card ((you know who you are...)) The buffer cards above are here for your use when making spoilers

4. Keep all of your cards to PG-13 or PG-17 (NO HENTAI OR NUDITY)

Seriously. There are young viewers on vingle that doesn't need to see this but if it does have slight ecchi with a little bit of nudity The buffer cards Use these Pictures above when making the card (In the last block i will not stress this again of Putting the Buffer card on top of your Mature Image of your card)

5. Be considerate when you message people.

Be mindful when you message people i.e asking for personal info or inappropriate messages to anyone. You can get reported or blocked by that nakama. And if you do see disturbing messages or that can make you uncomfortable, make sure to report it! More info on how to block or report messages here! And feel free to ask me for help if you feel like its getting to weird.

6. Report Cards that are dangerous to the Manga or Anime community!!

Okay this doesn't mean you have to report any cards because you hate that series or don't like a certain ship. I am talking about if you see a good card on how to make a strawberry ice cream cake but its posted in the manga community, lend a helping hand and report it so it may be removed by the vingle staff before I would get a chance or any of these mods @hikaymm , @LuffyNewman, @Tylor619, @AimeBolanos, @Tayhar18920, and @ChrisStephens Or if you find Porn Report that like you are a news reporter but if you are not sure if it is safe or not message me with the card link and I will come and help out ^^

7. Have Fun!!!

The best part of this how we always come together to have fun even if we have different ideals or opinions on manga and anime but we can still come enjoy it together and have a good time!!
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