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I found this on Allkpop and thought it looked fun, and wanted to share with you guys.
1. TOP
2. Jinwoo
3. Jinhwan
4. Seungri
5. Taehyun
6. Chanwoo
7. Gdragon
8. Seungyoon
9. BI
10. Taeyang
11. Yunhyeong
12. Seunghoon
13. Donghyuk
14. Daesung
15. Junhoe (Junhwe)
16. Mino
17. Bobby
18. BI
19. Gdragon
20. Seungyoon
21. Junhoe (Junhwe)
22. TOP
23. Taehyun
24. Seungri
25. Jinhwan
26. Seunghoon
27. Mino
28. Jinwoo
29. Seungyoon
30. Yunhyeong
31. Daesung
Jan: Hugged me
Feb: Selca with me
Mac: Sang for me
Apr: Gave me flower
May: Held my hand
June: Kissed me
July: Fell asleep next to me
Aug: Confessed to me
Sep: Tickled me
Oct: Played piano for me
Nov: Move in my house
Dec: Kidnapped me
Year: ex: 2000
0: Because we are married
1: Because he couldn't resist me
2: Because I have nice eyes
3: Because he can't live without me
4: Because we are meant to be
5: Because we are best friends
6: Because he loves me
7: Because we love each other
8: Because I'm pretty and hot
9: Because he was drunk

SO Jinhwan Kidnapped me because i have nice eyes.Well Alrighty then Jinne xD What did you guys get?

Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
Innercircle forever: @TerraToyaSi
@Junhwanbae92 haha 😂😂it's all good but yup I'm a Christmas baby and a Capricorn.
@xoxorittie I didn't even look at the other days 😂😂😂 but I remember you saying you were a Capricorn
Donghyuk kidnapped me because he was drunk...oh dear..😨😂😂😂
@xoxorittie wait your birthday is dec 3rd also?!!!
Jinhwan kidnapped me because me couldn't resist me....oh dear.😂😂
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