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JungkookxHania Chapter 1: intro chapter Chapter 2: dinner scene Chapter 3: - This 3 part story is dedicated to my beautiful friend @haniarocioo Your heart sank to your feet you were scared and confused. But what the hell, how the hell did he know your name?! You panicked and pushed him but he managed to grab your arm before the space between you two opened up. "W-what the hell?! H-how do you even?! What?!" You panicked trying to shake his hand off of you All he did was laugh and move his hand from your arm down to your own hand and he started to drag you away from the crowded and noisy dance floor, deeper into the club, back behind the dj's setup. There was a huge velvet curtain and a security guard standing between the back of the stage and the opening of the curtain. As soon as he saw Jungkook he opened the curtain slightly and the man who has been dragging you all over the club quickly marched in and the curtain closed. Behind the heavy curtain it was like a whole other world, your eyes were adjusting from the bright strobe lights to the dim chandeliers sparking from the ceiling. The club music was significantly muffled, you could hear yourself think again, as well as the sound of a few conversations taking place in this secret room. Once your eyes adjusted, you saw people sitting at round tables with silk table cloths, there was a huge bar that served drinks in crystal glasses, rather than the plastic ones from the club you just came from. You were so amazed by the exquisite and intricate design of the secret room, even the people here were dressed extravagantly. You were star struck. "Impressed?" Jungkook spoke in a slightly smug voice "Yeah it's beautif- wait.. Where am I? Who are you? What's happening?" You finally snapped out of it and all of these questions were just pouring from your mouth. Once again he laughed at your panicky state "Hah calm down, I'll explain everything to you over dinner" and with that he led you to a booth at the very back corner of the room already set with two champagne glasses full, one glass of water and another glass filled with scotch. He sat across from you, he was like a sculpture, his chiseled features were breath taking, almost as much as the secret restaurant, bar, club fantasy place he brought you to. Before you got too lost in your thoughts a waiter interrupted "Good evening Mr. Jeon and Mr. Jeon's beautiful date" he made you blush "I'm Taehyung, I'll be your waiter for tonight. What can I get you tonight?" "The usual" Jungkook says and with that, Taehyung was off. As soon as he walks off you stare right at your kidnapper and demand "Okay, start talking" He smirked as he took a sip of his whiskey and replied "What do you want to know first" Where do you begin?! "Okay.. Well first off, how do you know my name?" You said trying to keep calm but you were too freaked out "Easy, I asked the lady at the front desk who took your ID information when you entered the club" He took another sip of his drink "Why would she give you my information?!" You said in a stern tone "I told you, I own the place" You were baffled at the fact that he could get the personal info of people just because he owned the place "Also, you said you hated clubs back there, but... You own one?" He chuckled, he seemed to find you really amusing.. "Yeah. It was in the family, I just so happened to inherit it, it wasn't my first choice as a career but, it's good money" "Yeah.. I can see that" you say looking around "what is this place anyway? Your secret room behind the scenes?" He looks up to meet your eyes. The intensity was just as powerful, maybe even more so, than before. He smirks and lifts one of his eyebrows. "Oh, this?" his deep voice resonates, he reaches his arm across the table to grab your hand, sending chills up your spine "This isn't a "secret room." This is just a "V.I.P bar slash restaurant" if you will. It was apart of the club already, it's immaculate don't get me wrong, but" He brings your hand closer toward his face, he grazes his lips across your knuckles making you get lost in the moment until he continues "you'll see my "secret room" later tonight" and kisses the top of your hand and your eyes immediately shot wide open and you pulled your hand away, turning your head to hide the fact that you had turned completely red. He chuckles again and takes a sip of his drink. You clear your throat and ask him "So.. How many girls have you brought back here?" You hear his glass hit the table which made you jump and focus back on him "Excuse me" he scoffed Oh crap.. "Ummmm... Ahh.." You were going into panic mode "umm no.. I was just wondering... Since you know.. You just picked me out of like a bunch of girls.. Also you ordered "the usual" which only made me think that you have done this before and the waiter referred to me as your date which I thought was kinda weird and also-" "Let me stop you right there" he interrupted baffled and with a slight annoyance in his tone. You had clearly been rambling at a hundred miles per hour and everything you were saying wasn't helping the situation you dug yourself into. "Let's get one thing straight before you start further accusing me of being a player" you blushed. God why did you have to put your foot in your mouth. "I wouldn't go this far for just anyone." You felt embarrassed and kinda bad but you had to admit, the whole situation was very unusual. "Ahh... Sorry. I didn't mean it like that.. I was just wondering, why me?" His expression lightened up a bit "It's not obvious? You caught my eye as soon as you entered the club, the only reason I even saw you was because I was already at the front desk when you came in earlier tonight. And when I saw you enter, you weren't like your friend, or like any other person at this club for that matter. You weren't having fun and were sitting all alone on a couch. Hell, you were so uninterested in everything around you, you didn't even realize I was sitting across from you the whole time. So, I figured, you reminded me so much of myself at clubs, why not show you a little surprise back here." Oh god, this was just great "Ah I'm sorry, i feel like such an idiot, thank you for getting me out of there, and thank you for showing me back here, it's really beautiful" He was back to the way he was before, he chuckled at my apology and took the last sip of his drink and leaned across the table to say in a low voice "Well, all of that and I find you very.. Very amusing." You blushed and looked away but he grabbed your chin and made you face him, you could feel you face and other places get hotter and you two just stared very lustful into each others eyes "Umm Sir?" It was the waiter, he was standing next to our table looking kind of nervous. "Would you like a- a refill on your drink sir?" Jungkook was still holding your chin, not breaking eye contact as he answered Taehyung "No thank you, and if you could please cancel our order, just send desert up to my room later. Thank you." And once again Tae was gone. You don't know what to say so you said the first thing that came to your mind "Oh yeah, what was that whole thing about ordering "the usual" how do you explain that?" He smirked "There is only one item on the dinner menu, and it's called "the usual" Of course it was "Oh.. Of course..Wait, so no dinner?" "Are you hungry" he asked "Not really" you replied "Neither am I, so let's go" "Where?" "I told you I'd show you my "secret room didn't I?" He broke eye contact, grabbed your hand and pulled you into a small room covered by a curtain behind your booth. Of course that's why he picked the booth in the very back. In the small room there was an elevator he pressed the button with an arrow pointing up and the elevator doors opened. He led me on and he pushed the second floor button. "You know" he began "there is another reason why I wanted to bring you back here" "Whys that?" You asked, curious to know more about this bizarre adventure you've been on all night "You're so god damn hot" he pushed you up against the elevator wall and kissed you as the doors closed.
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