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yep, this is 'slightly' true. don't say woosaah or something else just keep worrying. i have an anxiety when i talking or chatting. I'm afraid that i crossed the line, accidentally racist or sexist. so i only use the word that i know what it means but my english skill is suck, people found my lips are moving and meaningless words come out from my mouth. at that point i do nothing, i just keep talking and swallow my awkwardness. so. what do you do if you get anxiety?
When I have anxiety, I go for a drive or a walk, read, write, or listen to music. Sometimes, I do them all.
@EasternShell but you can't driving while walking and should not reading or writing while driving😨
@nuurussubchiy I'm sleepy. What I meant is that sometimes it takes more than one thing to go back to a p
peaceful place. Now, I think I'd better go to sleep.