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Rated M
Warning: Violence, Langauge, Sexual Content
Chanyeol POV
*Incoming Call from Command*
There is an abandon house we own on across the street use that to take you shot. Don’t fail I think you would want to know Kim Jun-myeon was responsible for your parents death. “Wait What!” *End of Call*. My parents were killed when I was just four years old. I witness the whole thing and I can never forget.
20 Years ago
Growing up we were not the wealthiest family. After dad lost his job at the factory we became poor. Mom worked temporary job but they didn’t pay much. We had to borrow money from people just to make it by. The only food we ate was rice or ramen. I woke one night hearing my mom and dad arguing.
“Jin, I don’t care how bad we needed the money you should have borrowed the money from him. What’s worst you barrowed a lot and promised to give it back to him at the end of the week. What if we don’t pay it Jun-myeon will kill all of us not just you.
I entered walked in the living room where they were talking.
“Oh Channy we woke you up. Sorry. “
“Mama, why were you and dad yelling” At that point dad got up and walked away rubbing his forehead.
“Baby me and your dad were just talking.” She always smiles and reassures me that everything is ok.
By the end of the week I notice that the stress started to take it to on dad. He came home drunk most of the time. One night he came home beat up pretty bad. His face was covered with blood. He had cuts all over.
“Oppa what happened to you?” Mom asked tears rushing down her face. I remember crying because mom was crying.
Coughing up his blood dad replied, “Jun-myeon said this was the last and final warning
to give him his money. We better have it by Sunday.”
For the next few days Mom and dad called around to asking people to lend them money. No one would. That Sunday came around, they still didn’t have the money. There was a knock at the door. My mother told me to go hide and don’t come out no matter what. She also said to say quiet and don’t move. I hid in the storage area the bench by the window. Mom opened the door four men walked in. Form where I was I could only see three in the front and on standing behind them.
“Do you have my money? The one in the back asked. I assumed he was the boss
“Mr. Kim I don’t have it yet but give me a few--“Dad said before getting cut off. Before he could finish his sentence, one of the men grabbed him by his throat. The man in the back said “Kill him.” At that moment my mother burst in to tears and got on her knee begging and pleading with the men not to kill him.
At that moment the boss took his gun out and shot my mother in the head. My mother fell lifeless on top of his foot. I put my hands over my mouth to muffle the sound of my crying. He kicked her body off of him. The man holding my father snapped my father’s neck and then dropped him on the floor. “Clean this mess up.” He said as he left.
After they took my parents away I ran out of my hiding place. I was crying and it was getting harder to breath. I called the police and said someone killed and kidnapped my parents. The police came over to investigate. After the investigation they classified my parents’ case as a cold cases. I was taken into the system and was later adopted by the Park family.
I joined the military in order to track down my parents’ killers. I became a sniper for the army and was later discharge. Then after that I became a free-lance assassin for this secret government agency. They give me targets, I kill and no question asked. While working for this job I was able to get my revenge on the three henchman but not the leader. Before I killed any of them I asked whose orders were they following? But they told me nothing. It seemed they were more scared of him than me.
Back to the present…
If he is the one who killed my parents, I will take pleasure in killing him. I set up my equipment in a room upstairs. I take my position. I have him in my shoot. As soon as I am going to pull the trigger Y/N gets in the way. Shit move out the way. She doesn’t move. In the past I would kill anyone to get my target. I retake my position. I see her and he is right in front. I see her smiling and having fun. I can’t bring myself to shoot her. Have I really fallen for her? I get a phone call from Y/N.
“Hello, baby where you are?”
“I’m on my way back. What don’t tell me you missed me.” I am putting my riffle up. As she is talking I feel myself start to smile.
“So what if I did". She says cutely.
I walk out the house and head back where I spend talking to her father. I made my mind up. The money for this mission came second. I had to find out if he was responsible for my parents’ death.
After the cook out I notice Chanyeol became very distant. When we got back home I asked if he wanted to stay my over, but he said he was tired. During the week I text and called him I didn’t get a response. He skipped his classes. By Wednesday I begin to worry. I went and knocked on his door but I didn’t get an answer. Did I do something wrong? Were we moving too fast? Was he avoiding me? One night I got a call. It was about 2:30a.m..
“Hey babe can you come get me?” He sounded drunk.
“Chanyeol where are you?”
“I am at the bar on 21st Street.”
“I will be there in 15 minutes.”
I take the train. When I get there he is laying on the hood of his car.
“Ya, Chanyeol wake up.” I hit his knee.
C: “Oh hey babe you came”
“Where’s your car key’s?” He takes them out of his pocket. I hold my hand out or him to give them to me but he refused.
C: “You can have them if you give me a kiss”
“OK” I walk passed toward him and while his eyes were clothes I snatch them from his hands. Then both of us get in.
The car ride was silent, due to the fat he was sleep. So many question crossed my mind. Where have you been? Why are you drunk? When we arrived back at I wake him up so he can walk and help him to my room. Once in the room, I sit him down on the bed but he falls back. He rolls on his side and grabs my waist. I try to get up but he pulls me down back on to the bed.
C: “Baby don’t leave me”
I push him off and go to his room and get him some changing clothes. I came back and threw the clothes on him. He get up and changes. Once he finishes he hugs me from behind an kisses my neck. Whispering in my ear, “Let’s do it.” I push him away again.
“Do you hate me that much? Am I just something you can fuck when you get the chance?
He looks confuse and ask, “What’s wrong?"
“For the past week you have been avoiding me. You didn’t answer me text or calls. You skipped your classes. It’s like you disappeared. Did I do something wrong? Did I miss something? I thought meeting my parents was ok with you. I guess I was wrong. Do you want to break up or something? My voice begins to crack and tears fill my eyes.
C: “Hey no that’s not the case.” He pull me into his embrace.” Why would I, you haven’t done anything wrong. I like that I was able to meet you parents. I wasn’t avoiding you, I just had a lot going on. I push away
“Ok then you talk to me instead of ignoring me completely, I’m your girlfriend, I’m here for you.
C: “It’s just...” He hesitates.
“It’s just what?”
Chanyeol POV
I don’t want to tell her. I never told anyone this not even my past relationships. Something about her makes me want to concede in her. I’ll tell her only about my parents
“This week was the anniversary of my parents’ death.
Y/N: I thought your parent’s are alive. You talk about them all the time.
"Yes but they are not my real parents. My biological parents were murdered by the mafia. They owed the boss money and couldn’t pay it back".
I wanted to tell her everything. About my military service, me being a contract killer, my past, all of it. We talked all night. I felt we became closer. Then we made love. It wasn’t just sex. It was the passion and love the shared between two people. I kiss him and look her in the eyes and say “I love you.” This time I meant it. I have fallen in love with her.

A/N: Thank for reading and giving your support. Saranghaeyo!!!💗💗
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