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so, my heart is large...I play piano, cook well, I'm spiritual, love nature, ... intelligent. love to see people encouraged, happy.. even if it's messy sorting out baggage..I love to witness whatever is Real and be supportive, open. ...????? but it's not received. I'm a totally used and hated by every man who has been with me. like..? all this advice on sharing life, taking chances, the value of your "gifts/passion" ... it's all BS like a giant cruel joke.... now what? ... I'm not a teen, not a gramma yet, somewhere in there... what is the point of there is no point? what do YOU do when no one values you?
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I just practice my patience & inner focus. It also helps to find other people who actually want to share your passion (& good luck on that one - everyone's too niche focused these days) Insanity is just a "frame of mind"/worldview problem... easily remedied by leaving the culture that caused it.
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wow... the 2nd part. yes. that. I'm on it.. goodbye culture!
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I'm actually trying to figure that out myself... I usually just try to push on and keep moving.
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