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This is an appreciation post for Jeonghan's baby!!! (I feel bad though cause he's not and he hates saying that but Oh well it's out there now...) Lee Chan is a big ball of amazingness and everyone should love him because if you don't there seriously something wrong with you. No but seriously I'm glad we've decided to do appreciation post from youngest to oldest because Dino deserves some love. I feel like ⓥ he isn't appreciated enough in the group so I am here to pour (some sugar on me.) the love out for Chan!!! Ok now that the sappy speech is over......let's get appreciating!!!!
First, here's Dino's laugh for ya in case you haven't been blessed with it. His laugh is amazing and if you're sad it can make you happy, trust me I know. And his smile is gorgeous! This little cutie I love him so much!!
This little.... His singing and rapping skills are seriously on point like have you heard him? And if you have and you still think he's a bad Singer, then we all know you're lying because he's amazing (wow so amazing.).
His dancing is amazing like he can move!!! I don't know I just like dancers I find them attractive... Chan is super attractive 13/10 I approve!!!
In case you haven't seen this and didn't know here's this video. And with that it is my cue to leave. Have a great day, or don't, the choice is yours *dabs away*.
OK it has been fun and all but now I must suffer outside.....with people.....and I'm awkward!!! Help meh. P.S. Appreciate Lee Chan more! He deserves it.
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