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Always we are being told to be Kind. Since childhood, parents have often told us to be kind and thoughtful, show compassion, treat everyone as equal and never be arrogant or show attitude. What being Kind means? Kind is the word originated "gecynde" meaning natural or innate or native. The feeling of being kind gradually slows down as we mature or grow. However, this itself marks rise of arrogance and attitude in person towards others and feeling of 'I' as a super-ego contrudes further. Hopefully, a person should realise what's important. Instead of giving rise to ego, he or she should believe in being "Down To Earth" philosophy and try to be Kind and compassionate enough to sterilize feeling of "Ego" and believing in "Live and Let Live". It will help to recede anger, hatred among the people and acceptance will flow naturally making people remember the roots of kindness bestowed upon or in them by God and Parents.
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Good luck being kind in this world of selfish, societal humans.