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Hello to all my beautiful vinglers! I'm finally back! I had to get a new phone and I've been so busy! so I didn't have the time⏰ to download all my apps that I use for vingle!
what do I mean? lol since I make kpop wallpapers I have to download a butt load of backgrounds pictures and overlays and organize them in my gallery so I can finish your wallpapers fast! shout out to @sherrysahar because I have yet to get to hers but your will be done today I promise!❤❤❤
so yes I had a lot to do but I'm back and running! it did kinda take a while to get everything set up again but I'm so happy to be back with all of you!
so to everyone a big I LOVE YOU❤! because ive honestly missed all of you so much! now if anyone wants a kpop wallapaer message me (no comments please) and I will get right on it bye for now xoxox.❤
@aliendestina awe!! I know this is super late but thank you so much that's so sweet!
yah I missed you gone so long it felt like 600 years ago you were here 😭😭😭😭!!