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What is the worse way a guy could break up with you? for me it Over the phone or text if a guy want to break up then they should do it to your face instead of being a coward and and not facing you. What do you guys think?
@TheRedWolf35 yeah that 2nd on my list of worse ways my fiancé beak up with me thought the phone on text and would show up to do it to my face hit at pic and he knew how I hate guys who pull this crap
Let's say that you've liked this guy for a long time now, and out of nowhere he ask you out, so of course you say yes. While you are dating he's kind, protective, and he stays by your side, so you think he cares about you. 2 weeks later he tells you that he wants to break up, so you do, only to find out he "dated" you to make another girl mad. Then he ends up dating that other girl. This happened to me, and it hurt me so much 💔