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Have you heard K-pop in public, or somewhere you least expected?

I know I have~

Goodphil 2016

Quick rundown: From my understanding, Goodphil is basically a tournament between Filipino Student Associations (FSA) in Texas. You don't have to be Filipino to join. There's a dance portion (spiritual, cultural, and modern competitions) and a sports portion (basketball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, etc.) I went to Goodphil this year for the first time to shadow another college. We were late to the modern dance competition but caught the rest of it. I DIDN'T EXPECT J-HOPE'S 1VERSE AT ALL. It played in the beginning of this group's performance and I FREAKED just hearing the beat. I fangirled all over my fellow FSA member next to me, haha. (Me: "tHis SOng!!!!! *repeatedly slaps my legs* *rocks back and forth in chair*) I had no idea there was an El Chapo remix at the time so I was a little upset when I didn't hear Hobi. But just hearing the beat seriously made my night. ^^

At a Filipino party

In case you haven't guessed, I'm Filipino (: What makes a Filipino party where I'm at is: • starts late • loud people • Asian food • karaoke • line dancing • table for teens + kids • little kids running around everywhere • leftovers for days!!! I know missed something -3- Anyway, we were all sitting while the DJ was trying to get the loud adults onto the dance floor with 90's music. He suddenly decided you switch to modern and played...Gangnam Style. Of course. But what really surpised me was the song he played next - GWIYOMI.

*me realizing it's Gwiyomi

*dancing in my seat

I was like "oh nooo, I know the dance...oh nooo my arms are moving on their ownnn", dancing quietly in my seat. The DJ ended up changing it halfway through because so many of the adults were "turned off" haha.
So tell me.

Have you heard K-pop in public, or somewhere you least expected?

I haven't but I play it at work hoping some fellow kpop lovers will hear my greetings hahaha. I've ran pretty much into exo-L's that were teens.
I have! My whole family went to Walmart to go look for a new DVD player and we were looking around then my sister runs around the corner screaming. She told me they were playing a K-pop music video on the display TV. of course I though she was kidding with me, but thank God I went with her. they were playing Crazy by 4minute and I was legit fangirling. I was dancing and everything OMG. the guy who was in charge of the video was so happy someone recognized it lol.
at school and at the mall I was really excited and and my family though I was crazy
Sadly no .. but my fangirl flag will fly proud when it happens!! (😆😆😆)
2ne1 on so you think you can dance their "I am the best" song I was so excited I missed the dance lol