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My Wattpad fan fic

I'm writing this story in Wattpad and thought what if I can write it here for you guys too? the story is called “what happened to us...." it's about the reader dated taehyung before but he breaks up with you and you don't know why until you finally decided to date jungkook because he was a good man. or so it seemed.... will you stay with jungkook and watch a friendship be broken or go back to taehyung who got rid of you in the first place? so I'm debating on should I write it here too... what do you guys think? @nnatalieg @taehyungkey @ninjamidori @cutebabylay @sarahdawish @sarahvandorn @sugalessjams @reyestiny93 @maelyn @thepinkprincess @jessicacosta90 @kagamine381 @moonchild03 @bibes19 @Abbyramey @jaiipanda @pretieeemm @serenitythao @superjuniorelf @bridgetjara @nykeaking @niahritaylor @keniaaxox @ewillsea @momochamie @jessicavang @msloyalheart @taehyungv @twistedpuppy @sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1 @Tiffanyhall @BBxGD @kpopandkimichi @resavalencia @shinoyuki @LocoForJiyong@BetseyBleau @juliag13 @elizabeth1234 @Michelle305 @DanaAmoi @Animezkpopgirl @simplyawkward @FalseLove @mrsyookihyun @VatcheeAfandi99
I've been reading this and I absolutely love it
@MomoChamie aww so polite
Yes plz
WRITE IT !!!!!
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