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안녕하세요 친구! Omo!!! Jooheon don't cry, it's just the last day for this competition..we shall see each other every week. \ㅠ.ㅠ/ The results are in lovely people for which Jooheon animal describes who you are.. Yay!
#1 Rapper one got the mad skills of his rapping. That's okis, I'll take this place lol .
#2 You are Secret Member of GOT7. Who would have thought with your aegyo and killer rap skills that they use you instead of Jackson for the song "FLY" jaja. Way to managed being in 2 boy groups. @swarrier16 @nnatalieg @JadeOwnes
#3 You are Girl Group Dancer Jooheon. Who knew you had those moves all the way down to the leg lift. So this is what you have been doing when you're not with your clan...I see you. Liven it up. @HerosBells @XionHeart @majesticrose14 @Astrohelix
#4 You are scared Jooheon. Wrapped up in your environment you don't realize that the quietness actually gets to you, so any light movement loud enough to disturb you frightens you for a bit. No worries the clan has your back. @senia
#5 You are Showercap Jooheon. Hey you're in a hotel, a space not yours. Whether you're living it up, on a business trip or just a getaway; you sure will enjoy your room and those showercaps hotels offer. lol Check out your dancing skills..nice. @KaiJae @punkpandabear @senia (lol)
#6 You are the Cute Jooheon. Your cuteness comes out whenever you feel that a mood changer is in need. Good job in helping out the mood. @JaxomB @senia (jaja) @XionHeart @Miichi
Thank you for playing. Results were not expected lmbo or were they? 안녕!
wow I got cute jooheon lol haha
lol 4 and 5