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How did you guys meet?

Outfit #1: At a Cafe

@sherryshar @P1B2Bear @CLAKPOP @CrystalGuerra It was a cool fall day, and you decided you would take a break from studying and visit your favorite coffee shop. You pull open the door, and the familiar jingle of the bell above your head brings a smile to your face. You take one step inside, and the familiar scent of coffee engulfs your nose. Making your way towards the counter, you’re about to place your order when the person at the counter turns around and bumps into you- spilling the coffee they were holding- onto you. “I am so sorry, ma’am, let me help clean that up!” An angel like voice said to you. You slowly look up and make eye contact with the most beautiful stranger you’ve seen. He looked about your age, auburn hair illuminated by the overhead lights. The sincerity in his eyes made your heart flutter. “Um, no it’s okay. I’ll clean it up myself” you manage to say. You look down so that he wouldn’t be able to spot your blushing face. “Let me buy you a drink. It’s the least I can do” he offers. Before you could answer, he placed an order for you. “I got you (favorite drink), is that okay?” “Uh, yes, that’s my favorite actually!” you respond, a smile tugging at the corner of your lips. “I guess I can read minds” he jokes, transforming his face into the cutest eye smile you’ve seen. You giggle at his little joke, which allows him to release a laugh of his own. The sound was like music to your ears. “My name is Kihyun by the way, what’s yours?” “(Y/N)” you say. “Wow! What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl!” he says, his cheeks tinted a pinkish color. “Thanks” you avoid his gaze for a few seconds to keep yourself from blushing again. The two of you take a seat at a booth and get lost in conversation. You find out that he is a singer and that he is part of a group called "Monsta X". You also found out that he came to the cafe to take a break from his schedules. "(Y/N)?" The barista calls out. You start to get up, but Kihyun beats you to it and heads towards the counter to pick it up. He returns and places the cup right in front of you. “Yo Kihyun! What’s taking you so long?” you hear a voice call out. You look towards the door and see a bunch of guys walking in. Six of them to be exact. “I wish I could stay and talk, but that’s my queue to leave! See you around?” he asks before walking up to the rest of the guys. He turns around and gives you a wink before leaving the cafe with his friends. Through the window you see them playfully hitting him and pointing to you. You quickly turn around and feel the heat returning to your face again. You realized you forgot to ask for his number, and sigh at the chance you just lost. You pick up your drink and notice some black ink smudged on your hand. You turn the cup around and find a note written for you in sharpie. “Hey! I really like you, and although we just met, I feel that we have a connection. Would you like to go on a date with me? Call me ~Kihyun” You see his number written right below the message, and can’t help feeling giddy. How did he put that there without your knowledge? You wondered what could possibly be in store for you. You pull out your phone and message him right away. To: Kihyun I would love to ~ Y/N

Outfit #2: At the Park

@StefaniTre @awkwardlove23 @punkpandabear @XergaB20 “Ugh, you’re so lame,” (y/b/f/n) complains as you drag her to the park. You haven’t gone to the park since you were kids, and you miss feeling so carefree. And you knew your best friend secretly wanted to go too, because who wouldn’t want to slide slides and swing swings and just feel like a kid again. “Oh please,” you say rolling your eyes, “I know you want to, and besides it's going be fun!”, I say while dribbling a basketball like I’m in the NBA. (Y/b/f/n) concedes and the two of you goof around on your walk to the park. When you’re at the park you see a group of guys already at the basketball court so you and (y/b/f/n) decide to wait it out on the swings. “Why can't they leeaavee? I wanna play toooo!,” I whine while swinging on the monkey bars. I had explored all the playground equipment and was becoming impatient. “Calm down (y/n)! we’ve only been here for like 10 minutes,” (Y/b/f/n) says. “UGH!” I exclaim. I was becoming frustrated so I marched to the basketball court across the playground. (y/b/f/n) was following beside me. Because I’m on the shy side, I make (y/b/f/n) ask if we can use half of the court. I nod in agreement as (y/b/f/n) asks the guys. “No no no,” says the tall boy with hair so blond it's almost white, “I challenge you guys to a duel! And whoever get to 21 points first gets to keep the whole court!” He smirk at his so called clever idea. “Ok cool!” (y/b/f/n) replies. “My name is (y/b/f/n) and this is (y/n),” she introduces me and I give a small smile. Then they start introducing themselves.,“I'm Shownu,”... “I'm Hyungwon.”... “I'm Changkyun.” Then their introductions got more interesting., “I'm Kihyun, the one who used to play basketball,” he says with a wide grin. He looks cute, I thought. “I'm Wonho. I have nice abs,” he smirks while lifting his shirt. My friend and I both roll our eyes. The muscle type, I thought while stifling a laugh. “I’m Minhyuk the visual,” he says with gleaming eyes. “Wait, hold up. Isn't this a bit unfair. Since they're only girls,” the dimpled boy exclaims instead of saying his name. “Don’t get too cocky, I bet we could cream you any day!” I challenged him. People undermining my abilities because of my gender always got me riled up. “Like peanut butter,” (Y/b/f/n) added. “And jelly,” I replied. They all looked shocked because that was the first thing I said to them. And it was the complete opposite from my demeanor at the beginning. “Yo dimples, NBA star, lets go! Two on two!” I said while spinning the basketball on my finger. “It's Jooheon by the way,” Dimples said. “Check it,” I say bouncing the ball to Kihyun to officially start the game. I dribble the ball past the two boys and jump to dunk in the first basket from the side. “Damn,” Kihyun whistled. Damn! I think I just blushed... We continue playing for 10 minutes. Me and (y/b/f/n) passed and scored with ease, and easily won against them. Soon after, the rest of the boys came and joined us. This time Kihyun and Jooheon joined our team. We ended up playing for hours and we didn’t even realize until the sun started to go down. Everyone was super friendly and such dorks. Turns out Mr. NBA wasn’t all that great but... Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the rest of the guys. It was Kihyun. “Hey so Jooheon gets really scared easily in the dark” He smiled wickedly. I replied by offering the same wicked smile, “Sounds like a plan!”

Outfit #3: At a Party

@phxcur93 "Are you sure about this?" I asked ( y/b/f ). I'm not a huge party person, but I came just for her. "Of course I'm sure. Why don't you loosen up a little? You look super stiff," she reassured. When we arrived at the door, I could already hear the music booming through the walls of the building. Since it was crowded, I immediately grew anxious. I could see a lot of colorful lights and people dancing in the distance. "Hey ( y/b/f )..." I tried to ask. It came to my realization that she left me. "I knew she'd do this. What am I supposed to do know?" I thought to myself as I was standing nervously at the entrance. Seeing that I was obstructing those who entered, I decided to go to a more calmer area and sat at an empty booth. As I sat there, I saw a silhouette of a man walking towards me. "What's a cute girl like yourself sitting here all alone in the dark?" He asked as he came closer. I could see him hold a bottle of alcohol. He was clearly drunk. "Ah, my friend brought me here but I'm not a fan of parties..." I muttered as I was overwhelmed by his tall figure. He brought his head down and gave me a smug look. He slyly slipped his hand to hold mine and winked, "You're here all alone... Why don't you follow me?" I shook my head, "I don't think that's necess--" I was abruptly interrupted as he yanked me out of my seat and tugged me along as he tried to go through the crowd. "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Let her go," I heard. It was a voice from another man as he approached us and the intoxicated man suddenly stopped. He tugged me closer to him, "Why do you care? Let us be!" I stood there shaking as I made eye contact with the man in front of us. "She doesn't want to talk to you so leave her alone," he replied and came closer to us. The drunk man gave the other man a deathly glare before letting me go and left. I heaved a sigh of relief as I let my chest loosen up. "T-thank you," I thanked shyly as I looked at the stranger. I could see him more clearly as the colorful lights were no longer reflecting on him. "No problem, I had to help," he replied as he laughed nervously and I smiled back at him. "Thank you for being a gentleman. What's your name?" I asked. We told each other our names. His name was Yoo Kihyun. He scratched his neck and gave a wide smile, "Yeah, It's nothing. I've been at this party for a long time with my friends but they all abandoned me. There's too much drunk people and the music is very loud." I shook my head in agreement, "Yeah, my best friend left me and went somewhere else. I'm not a fan of parties either." "Looks like we have something in common," he chuckled. "Do you want to go somewhere more quiet and talk?" I nodded and we decided to go outside on an empty balcony and sat by the railings. As we were talking, I felt better. He was lovely to talk to and we had a lot in common. I noticed it's been a long time since we've talked and told him we should leave. I hope ( y/b/f ) is okay. She is an occasional party goer so I'm sure she's still here. "Oh really? Then we should probably be going home then," he said as he gave me his warming smile. "( y/n )! I've been looking for you everywhere! The party is over--" ( y/b/f ) called out to me as Kihyun and I came down the stairs. Her look of worriment instantly went away. "Who is he?" She asked as she elbowed me jokingly. "Kihyun. Kihyun meet ( y/b/f ), ( y/b/f ) meet Kihyun," I said as I introduced the both of them to each other. "Hello there! I hope you and ( y/n ) make a good couple," she said sneakily but me and Kihyun weren't able to catch what she said. We said our farewells as Kihyun had to go back to his friends and ( y/b/f ) waited for me at the entrance. I halted as I made it next to ( y/b/f ) and quickly ran back to Kihyun and tapped his shoulder. I could see his friends. "Can I... get your number?" I asked as I held my phone in my hand, ready to put his number in. He turned around and smiled at me again. After he told me his phone number, I heard his friends whistle and pat him on the back as I ran back excitedly to my friend. While ( y/b/f ) was driving, she broke the silence, "Seems like that party was worth it, huh?" My cheeks blushed, "Of course, he was nice to talk to." "Looks like we got your future husband!" She says excitedly and I looked at her. "What?" I asked confused but she brushed it off. "Nothing, nothing..." she replied with a smirk and kept driving through the night lit streets.
I hope you guys enjoyed your results! Keep an eye out for day 2! Credit to @Kyokeo @Kdragons137 and myself for writing the results! Credit also to @TiffanyBibian for writing some as well! Also, sorry for the point of view discrepancies, this is a group project so we had a team working on each part separately! Team Baby Kihyunie: @Kdragons137 @Kyokeo @AneebaNasir @LizaNightshade @NaBi7 @Kayto4 @mrsyookihyun @dallasyamane @TiffanyBibian @MandyNoona @CLAKPOP @CrystalBlunt Monsta X Team: @JohnEvans @VatcheeAfandi99 @PrettieeEmm @Vkookie47 @IsoldaPazo @BBxGD Monbebes: @JessicaEvaristo @Kyokeo @MelissaGarza @ekahjw @ortizwendy17 @StefaniTre @HerosBells @MissyKim @Starbell808 @LizaNightshade @ciabri22 @amberg171997 @Kayto4 @KierstinAndrews @P1B2Bear @CrystalGuerra @Bwolfgirl @ILikeHisFace123 @lovetop @jiyongleo @NekoYoongi @michievip @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @punkpandabear @PrettieeEmm @MryMrgn4578 @twistedPuppy @kpowell @ZionPerezFowler @CrystalBlunt @IsoldaPazo @Jinnyrod3 @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @Sisicup @kpopandkimchi @mycreativename @xXYGXx @DominiqueWhitak @unnieARMkey @AimeeH @JamiMislap @Xoxojessica12 @aleciaLOVES @anarevilla34 @unnaturalaries @Byeoli @phxcur93 @sierrakuper @SerenityThao @Starbell808 @KennaStarz @MarcoLopez @LeighHolgate @JacquelineTakas @majesticrose14 @GeetanjaliRao @Sisicup @KpopIsLife16 @1kpop @AdaVanson @ArmyofKookie @NaBi7 @7mnsaaa94 @xoxorittie @Kdragons137 @JaeLayJooWonho @MonAnnahiX @AneebaNasir @Kayto4 @TiffanyBibian @mrsyookihyun @dallasyamane @Zyxzj @sherrysahar @mrsyookihyun
@MandyNoona haha thanks! Glad u liked it😊
@MandyNoona Glad you like it! @Kdragons137 wrote that one 😁
Perfect 😆
@swarrier16 I am most definitely looking forward to day 2! Kihyun is my bias and I am imagining this in every possible detail.
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