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When you have a Korean song stuck in your head
But you can't remember the title of the song or who sings it. I've had this one song stuck in my head for THREE MONTHS and all I remember is the melody of the beginning of the song and that it's by a female singer. Nothing else. It would be fine if I could just forget about the song but it keeps popping up in my mind at least once a week and it's driving me crazy. Unless I somehow stumble upon a video of that song again I'm pretty sure that I'll never remember what it is... Edit: I REMEMBER THE SONG NOW!!! I kept singing it to myself all day and I finally remembered the song and artist (It's called Day by Day and it's sung by Yoon Mi Rae) . After three months I no longer have to wrack my brain thinking about it!
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That happens to me all the time. I wake up with this melody in my head, and I know it's a Kpop one, but I have know idea which one!
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@LikeABird It's the worst right? Cause you can't even google the lyrics unless you understand Korean. I'm just glad I finally remembered what song it was.
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