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In this group: Boyfriend (MV + Dance practice) Don't Touch My Girl (MV + Dance ver + Dance practice) I'll Be There (MV + Dance practice) Love Style (MV + Dance practice) Janus
In this group: Janus (Dance practice) I Yah (MV + Dance practice) On & On (MV + Special practice) Obsession (MV + Dance practice + Intro + Dance practice zoom in & out ver) Alarm Witch
In this group: Witch (Dance practice + Zoom in & out ver) You've Moved On (Acoustic) White Out Bounce (MV + Dance practice + Forest ver + Zoom in & out ver) To My Bestfriend
Yay Boyfriend!!!!! 😄😄 They need more recognition :l And can I be added to your GOTW tag list???
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@CrookedShadow Of course!
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I love Boyfriend! My favorite song is Janus. ❤
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