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Helluu~ Mere here :3 Last time I made a card of Monsta X showing some music videos and their reality show called "Right Now". Which you can go to that card if you click ( here ) This card will be about the members! Know their names and a bit about their personalities. Let's gooo!
•Monsta X debuted 15.05.14 (Y.M.D). Monsta X (Hangul: 몬스타엑스; often stylized as MONSTA X) is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment through the survival show "NO.MERCY" on Mnet in 2015. The group is composed of seven members: Shownu, Wonho, Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M. •Like said above they are from Starship EntertainmentFanbase name is Monbebe :3 •Albums: Tresspass, Rush, (Hero: Digital repackage), The Clan Pt. 1 These are the main points about the boy group. If you want to know more click this link to find out an more details about them!

Son Hyun Woo (Shownu)

Shownu is the leader of the group with an amazing voice. He's the type to to always look serious in every situation, truth is he is but not most of the time! He's very calm and has this manly image, aeygo isn't really his thing. He even says that himself but when he does aeygo I crawl into a hole and burry myself because he's way too cute! He's also a very good and strong leader. Always trying his best. Admirable :) More detailed information can be found here.

Shin Ho Seok (Wonho)

Wonho is a mixture of cuteness and sexiness along with a beautiful voice. Wonho is the type to when he has his mind set on something he won't rest until he accomplishes his goal. Even if that means not getting enough sleep. He is also very caring for his members and puts them before him. Wonho can also get very playful, he loves teasing Monbebe with that wonderful body of his! If you want more detailed information on him click this link.

Lee Minhyuk (Minhyuk)

Minhyuk is very adorable and loveable! He's an angel with an angel voice. He's the type to try and cheer you up when you're down. Just one smile can brighten up your day. Minhyuk is very loud and talkative, which I find a very cute aspect. He's very cheerful, always showing his love towards his members. Next time you're feeling down go and search up some Minhyuk pictures. For more detailed information click this link.

Yoo Kihyun (Kihyun)

Kihyun is the fake maknae of the group. He loves being babied by the other members which is find very cute of him! Although he doesn't admit it, he definitely shows it. His honey vocals will kill you right away if you're not prepared. Kihyun is just like Minhyuk. They both love the attention of the other members, along with being very playful! Want more detailed information? Click this link.
There's are 3 more members left! Which will be in Pt. 3 :) I don't want to make this card even longer! lol Tags :D @JohnEvans