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I drifted off to sleep in an half an hour or so, but if I thought sleeping would bring me peace then I was mistaken. I quickly found myself dressed in a white dress, my hands chained to a wall, the dark room somehow illuminated by the few slightly lit candles and my feet bare, so I could feel the electrifying touch of the concrete floor. I didn't know I was unconscious until a sudden shriek filled the air making me jolt up, frantically looking around for the source. "Where am I?" My voice echoed through the air, but my only response was another shriek and I winced at how close it seemed. As I stood there for what seemed like hours waiting for anything to happen a sudden gust of wind blew past me, making my hair sprawl across my face and my stomach dropped the minute I realized that there was another person standing in the shadows of the corner. Even though my veil of hair almost blinded me, I could still tell the person was a man and could sense the power radiating off him as he came towards me. I started to frantically look around for someone to stop him, but my actions were in vail and the man's velvety voice laughed coldly at me, not even stopping in his tracks when I suddenly screamed. Instead, he covered my mouth with his own hand, causing me to widen my eyes in horror, jerking my head in every direction, but his hand didn't move and I felt tears form and cascade down my check by the second as the man's other freezing cold hand grabbed my chin, making me look directly into his crimson red eyes. "Stop crying, my angel. He isn't coming for you. You belong to me now." He said, smiling mischievously. - I jolted up my from bed, sweat dripping down my face and breathing heavily as I sat there. I instantly wiped my forehead and looked around the room, expecting the man to be hiding in a corner, but I was only met with the familiar silence of the night. I looked at my bed stand and found a digital clock, it was two in the morning. I breathed a sigh of relief, laying back down only to jolt right back up a second later when I heard the sound of a door closing. I rapidly got out of bed and peeked through the crack in the door, feeling my heart start to race. Maybe I was mistaken and the guy is here? I thought as I hung on to the door frame with all might. I saw a shadow creeping closer and closer to the end of the stairs and I held my breath in anticipation waiting for the person to come forward. Finally, a body emerged and I widen my eyes, letting the air escape my lungs. I didn't believe the scene in front of me. It was Namjoon, but it didn't looked like him. His clothes were singed with cuts and burn marks, his hair was a mess and and he had ash all over his face, but the thing that caught my eyes was the two giant slits on the back of his white shirt. It looked like something jolted out of his body and I watched as he sluggishly walked into his room, which was right next to mine, and shut the door. I breathed unsteady as I gripped the door even more tightly. Why would he get home at this time? He left hours ago. What happened to him? Am I still dreaming? I reluctantly closed my door too and slowly walked back to my bed, processing what I just saw. I have to be dreaming still? I thought again, pinching myself to make sure. Surprising it wasn't a dream and I quickly climbed back into bed to cover my whole body from head to toe with my sheets. This is all so weird. I don't remember my family being this weird, but yet again maybe I did. I did lose my memory, so maybe this is normal? I sighed frustrated and closed my eyes again. I just need to go back to bed, but I don't know if it was from my nightmare or Namjoon but I didn't sleep, not even a wink. When I finally did walk out of my room I had slightly dark circles under my eyes and I was extremely tired as I sat down on the table. I didn't even bother to look up at all until my mom suddenly put a plate in front of me. I quickly looked up and saw that she was looking at me with concern in her eyes. "Did you sleep well?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me as she examined my state. I sighed in response and tried to put on a small smile. "Not really." She suddenly pressed her lips together at my answer and sat down on the chair next to me. "Why?" I shrugged my shoulders casually and lifted up my spoon. "I don't know." Maybe it was that I didn't feel like I could trust my mom yet, but I didn't want to tell her that I had a nightmare where I was chained to a wall, and I really didn't want to mention the thing about Namjoon at two in the morning. Even though I did find it weird. My mom sighed dissatisfied and got up, walking back into the kitchen.
I was halfway done with my plate when Namjoon came into the kitchen wearing jeans and a black shirt, making me choke on what I was eating as my eyes widen in astonishment. He looked completely normal, not even a scratch on him, which utterly confused me. I guess he could of taken a shower, but still. How do you cover up scratches and burns? When he walked up to the table he looked down to were I was sitting and smiled. "Good morning. I averted my gaze quickly, afraid he would know what I was thinking and looked down at my plate. "Uh, good morning." I muttered, my checks flushing without me even knowing. He frown a little at my response and sat down on the seat next to me, looking at me from time time. I quickly finished my plate and stood up. Unlike Namjoon I hadn't brushed my hair or brushed my teeth well and was still wearing the pajamas that I had found in my closet when I woke up in the middle of the night. I was about to go back to my room to change when my dad came in and widen my eyes at me. "Why aren't you dressed yet?" He asked me raising an eyebrow. "Sorry, I was just about to change." I quickly said embarrassed, already starting to walk towards my room again. "I would hope so. You have school soon." He said casually sitting down at the table and getting out his phone to check his messages,  while I just looked at him confused. "I have school?" "Ya, we wanted you to go back to a normal life as soon as possible so we enrolled you into a new school and Namjoon transferred to the same college as you too so he can help get you settled. So hurry up and get ready. You leave in ten minutes." I quickly glanced at Namjoon and saw that he was casually looking at us from the corner of his eyes. I smiled shyly back and ran to my room to change into something quick, which was black pants and a over grown red sweater that I found in my closet. I brushed my hair and teeth quickly and ran back out just in time, grabbing whatever shoes were in the front of the house. Namjoon was waiting for me in the front with one of his hands in his pockets and a backpack slumped over his shoulders and another one in his hands. We didn't live very far from the college so we ended up walking and in fifteen minutes we were the middle of a maze of buildings labeled differently based on what was taught inside. Namjoon walked us to the main building and got my schedule for me which I happily took from him. "Your first class starts in ten minutes so I'll walk you to the room." He said, starting towards the science building. "Uh ok." I said quickly following after him. When we entered the room everyone was scattered around each other talking. I looked up at Namjoon, waiting for him to go in to his seat but he just stood there. "Aren't you going in?" I asked, looking at him confused. He smiled and shifted his backpack a little. "No, I don't have the same classes as you." My heart dropped a little, since the only reason I was happy to go to school was to see him and maybe to ask him why he got home at two. "Oh, ok." I let a small frown play across my face as I looked at him and saw that he was frowning a little too. He started to lift up his hand and was about to put it on my head, but suddenly pulled it back down, like he was restraining himself. I looked at him confused and watched as he stood there a little uncomfortably, shifting his feet every few seconds. "I need to get to my class. I'll see you after school." Namjoon said, quickly walking away. I scrunched my brows together perplexed as I watched him turn a corner, vanishing from my sight. That was weird. Why did he restrain himself? I sighed to myself and walked farther into the classroom, taking a seat at an empty chair and started to get out my stuff. The professor came in a few a minutes later calling everyone to their seats, making people rush to their spots and soon I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces. As the teacher quickly began the lesson I found myself frantically beginning to take notes since I was gone for so long, but unfortunately it didn't last long since I felt a pair of eyes on me a half an hour later coming from my left. I curiously took a peek, pausing mid sentence on my paper and found myself eye to eye with a guy with fluffy, darkish light brown hair, and almond shaped eyes. He smiled mischievously at me as I looked back at him, causing me to be the first one to break contact and my face turned red as I turned quickly back to my paper to rapidly start writing again. Unfortunately, even though I caught him, that didn't stop him from glancing at me multiple times during the lecture and I felt a shiver glide down my spine every time our eyes met. I tried my hardest to pay attention, but I couldn't, and after two hours the bell finally rang, which I gladly took, jolting up from my desk, trying to get out of there as fast as I could, but my hurried movements caused my notebook to fall and I sighed irritated that I would be so clumsy and knelt down to pick it up. However, before I could though, someone knelt down and swiftly picked it up for me, our hands touching briefly. I looked up curiously and saw that it was the guy from before. My face turned a deep shade of red at the realization of how close our faces were to each other and that, now I was looking at him this close, realized that he was really attractive. My heart started to race and I immediately back away, standing up clumsily, putting one hand on my desk for support. "You dropped this." The guy said casually, sending me a smile, that caused his eyes to become smaller as he stood up. I hurriedly grabbed it from his hands and mumbled a thank you and stuffed it into my back pack. I hurriedly started to walk out of the room, hopefully leaving the guy in the room, but just my luck, he followed me. I quickened my pace, trying to get to my next class that I didn't even know where yet. The man, quickened his pace too, but faster and caught up to me, stopping me as he put a hand on my shoulder. "You're going the wrong way." He said turning me around. I looked at him confused as he stood there. "You're next class is that way." He continued pointing in the other direction. I narrowed my eyes at him now. "How do you know that. Are you stalking me or something?" I snapped. He looked taken back at my toned and quickly pulled something out of his pocket and gave it to me. I curiously looked at it, while keeping an eye on him. My eyes suddenly became soft as I realized that it was my schedule that Namjoon gave me this morning. It must of fallen out of my notebook when I clumsily knocked it down. I looked at the guy apologetically that I accused him. "It's ok. I'm not mad." He laughed, stuffing his hands in his pant pockets, but I sighed "I'm still sorry. I shouldn't of said that." I said, frowning a little. The guy shrugged his shoulders. "It's partly my fault I was looking at you a lot during class. It's only natural you would think I'm a stalker." I blushed and looked away embarrassed as he smiled slightly, happy for my reaction. "Anyway, I wanted to ask you something." I scrunched up my eyebrows together, looking at him from the corner of my eyes. "What is it?". "Um, since, I'm new here I was wondering if you wanted to be my friend." He asked, smiling nervously for the first time. I turned my head fully now in surprise, I didn't believe that he was asking me this. I stared at him for a few seconds, trying to come with a answer. "Friends?" I asked shocked. "Ya,you seem fun and.... you're kind of cute." He said, blushing a little. But, the minute he said that a pain erupted in my skull and I dropped my stuff and held my head, suddenly breathing heavily. The guy, surprised, quickly came closer to me and took my hands in his, holding my head with me. "Are you ok?" He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together in concern. I widened my eyes and looked up, straight into his dark eyes. His hands were ice cold and it suddenly reminded my of the man in my dream, that I thought I would of, hopefully, forgotten by now. I coughed harshly and quickly backed away from him, sweat slightly dripping down my forehead. "Ya I'm fine." I said, not looking at him. The guy raised an eyebrow at me and stuffed his hands back into his pockets. "Are you sure?" I nodded, still holding my head with one hand. The guy only nodded, still a little uncertain, and started to pick up my stuff. I looked at him, as he put all my papers back in a pile and felt my face burn up. Why did I suddenly think that he was the guy in my dream? He's nothing like him. Now I've just embarrassed myself in front of someone that wanted to be my friend. Maybe he still wants to be my friends if I agree. I coughed a little, trying to clear the atmosphere. "Um, I guess." I suddenly said, my voice a little lower then before. He looked up at me from the floor a little lost at my words. "I'll be your friend." I continued, clearing up the confusion. His eyes and the tips of his lips turned up into a huge smile. "Really?" He asked, standing up. "Ya, I'm new here too so it would be nice to be friends with someone." I said, awkwardly. He handed me my things and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Thanks, do you want to hang out after school then. I know this really great coffee shop that we can hang out at." He said. I nodded, then mentally kicked myself "Crap. I'm supposed to meet my brother after school." I said, apologetically. The guy frowned a little at my response, but nodded, obviously disappointed. "But I can quickly tell him and then meet you." I continued, smiling a little. The guy nodded again happily and smiled even more. "Great. I'll meet you in the school parking lot then" he said. "Ok, and by the way my name is Ara." I said back, stuffing the piece of paper I was still holding in my pocket. He nodded and turned around. "Mine's Jimin."
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