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I go by Demon, I hope to make new friends and learn about more anime that is good but never really went into the main stream, but I will gladly watch any anime if I think it is interesting, so please leave some recommendations for good anime. ^^
@DemonAngel522 Tokyo Ghoul is in my top 5 as well! Never heard of Beezlebub though; guess I'll have to check that out!
Those are in my top 5, the other two are Tokyo ghoul, and Beezlebub
@AlexTalley thank you 馃槉, I look forward to be able to finally nerd out on anime as well as teach and learn new shows.
Thank you people btw my list has went from being roughly 10 anime to like 30 now cx but continue to throw ideas please.
Fairy Tail SAO Black Butler Noragami Tokyo Ghoul Your Lie in April Inuyasha Naruto Attack on Titan Fullmetal Alchemist These were the only ones I could think of :T
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