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I decided to watch Watamote and was kind of skeptical since I'm not really into Splice of Life anime, but a couple episodes in and I'm already in love with this anime! :D
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Tomoko is really cute though .
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@kell13 @Animefreak484 @YuiKurata I've heard that this anime is weird is it
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@xxxanimewolfxxx what kind of a question is that ? " is it wierd , is it ? " to you it might be wierd but to us it isn't so go watch it and find out if it's wierd for yourself .
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@xxxanimewolfxxx Like @YuiKurata said I can't really answer that for you, you would have to see for yourself, but I'm watching it right now and currently enjoying it, so give it a try :P
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@xxxanimewolfxxx Yes THATS WHY ITS MY FAVORITE YOU CANT HAVE HER >~> <~<
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