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Part 15 _ * _ * _ * (Summer break) "Let's go to a club." I blurted out to Yoongi in the car. He briefly looked over at me before turning back to the road. "What about Alex?" "She can't come." I sighed putting my phone away in my back pocket. "Her soon to be girlfriend Natalie and her are going out tonight. I set them up." I answered with a small smile. "Wait, Alex is-" I cut him off. "She's bi, got a problem?" "What? N-NO!" he defended himself earning a laugh from me. "I knew you wouldn't care, calm down." I patted his shoulder. "So... club?" "Why not." "YAY!" I cheered. From the corner of my eye I saw Yoongi look over and smile faintly. _ * _ * _ * We made it to a small club on the outskirts of the city. Well it wasn't really small, just normal. At least on the outside on the inside it was huge! The inside was black everywhere with blue lighting. We made our way to the bar through the crowd. There was a lot more people here than I thought. "ID?" The bartender questioned and I felt Yoongi tense. "I'm Y/N Y/L/N." It was the bartender's turn to tense. "I'll go get Gino. Please wait right here." I saluted with with a smirk. "Yes sir!" I giggled hooking Yoongi's and my arm together causing him to relax. "Wow, your name still carries weight." "If course it does. Everyone in a gang at the time new what happened. Therefore mine and Alex's names were known." "Y/N!" Gino called. He was a built man and looked like the stereotypical biker but with more class. He kept groomed and didn't care that his skin was darker than most people's in Korea and everyone respected him, no matter what. "Hey! This is Yoongi." I gestured to Yoongi who waved. I climbed over the bar with Yoongi to meet Gino. "Can we get some Andy Black in here?" Gino chuckled. "Of course. Have fun, everything's on the house just remember not to break anything. " "Got it!" I said as he left towards the DJ who put on We Don't Have To Dance by Andy Black. (This song has been on replay for 2 days straight, help!) "Okay, what do you want?" Yoongi asked. "But you aren't touching the bottles." We both laughed at the memory that just couldn't leave. "Just Fireball." "Straight?" "Yeah, it's the best!" "How's it taste?" "Cinnamon candy." "Then I'll take some too." "Perfect!" I grabbed two glasses and watched Yoongi poor the liquor in. "Let's go dance, this song needs to be lived as long as it's playing!" I grabbed his free hand pulling him to the center and started saying with him just letting go. Something I hadn't done in a while. Yoongi pulled me close and whispered in my ear. "Why are we really here?" I pulled back with smirk and just danced as the chorus came on. "We need a release!" I called as i jumped up and down. I saw him sigh with a smile. "Alright." He joined in and we just danced after two glasses. We didn't come to get wasted, just have fun. It was amazing. Until a creep kept coming up to me causing Yoongi to have to knock him out but that was honestly funny to watch even if it was a bad thing because he ended up pulling me out of the club. "Road trip." Was all he said as he pushed me in the car. "What about clothes and stuff? Kind of spur of the moment don't you think?" I replied. He smirked a little before turning on the car and looking at me. "I've got it all taken care of. Now, we have 2 weeks of break left so let's go and I'm not taking no for an answer." "Deal!" I smiled wide. "Let's go! We're making memories!" We both chuckled as we drove out to the open road. Freedom. Isn't that what everyone thinks one a trip like this? We were both in such a great mood and not only that, I was falling in love with him again. All the doubts I had had before were gone because it was just us. Too bad I didn't know why he wanted to spend every second with just me so bad, why he had been thinking so much as if he wanted to tell me something since the beginning of break. But that's for later, right now just focus on our joy. Because aren't you supposed to live in the moment?
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