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What's up guys. I'm here to introduce Daehyun Saturdays. A day filled with this cute and talented singer. Sounds like a good day to me! To start off this trend let's get to know Daehyun a little bit more.
Basic Facts- Real Name: Jung Daehyun(중대현) Birthdate: June 28, 1993 Hometown: Jeollanam-do & Busan Family: Parents, Older Brother Position: Lead Vocalist A few fun facts:
He joined TS Entertainment in the summer of 2011. He was the last one added to the group and trained for roughly six months before he made his debut with B.A.P.
His dream of becoming a singer grew when he was younger while watching DBSK.
He always wakes up the earliest, therefore he has to wake up the other members.
Even though he’s right-handed, he uses his left hand for some tasks.
Check out his amazing vocals in these videos. He is truly a gifted singer.
Yeeeessssssssss the more Daehyun the better. Can't ever have enough Dae in my life.
He has such a beautiful voice. I loved that rendition of Loser.
@Vixxstarlight1 Because I didn't know you wanted to be on it
why aren't I on this list
Its the first time hearing about Daehyun. I'm not that familiar with BAP yet. Daehyun does seems pretty interesting and adorably cute ❤