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tbh i have no idea what i would do because i would be so blessed and ill be so happy...idk anymore i mean ugh they just i have no idea like idk man idk comment below what would you do tagging some friends~ @twistedPuppy @VatcheeAfandi99 @Sammie9952 @B1A4BTS5ever @resavalencia @moose1998 @vipgirl5 @locoforjiyoung @xxchicharitoxx @AubrielPope @LemonLassie @SuperJuniorelf @kennaxx @KAddict @amberg1711997 @awkwardlove23 @NicoleFireRose @salo @janessaakemi @LisetteZapata @mrsjeon @swarrier16 @JuanitaBooRiv @xoxorittie @LunaCordero
Look at them confused for a minute...blink like twice....try to act cool but end up falling out of the window to my death...or so I thought!!!! The Angels caught me and I faint on the spot. And die of a heart attack.......on my grave stone I want them to put "died I the arms of angels" and play that one song they play in the background of the shelter videos XD
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I dont even know lol i would probably be so excited or faint.. there is like no in between 😂
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Ask if they need help finding the right neighborhood. Cause we all know that just because one has an IQ of 145 he can be the most clueless.
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I'd close the window and go back to sleep because either I'm dreaming or Ive finally lost my sanity
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@Hawaii5Oh I would invite them in and never let them leave. Lock the Windows lock the door. They are mine. No kinky weirdness just their perfection being forever mine. It's not creepy it's love
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