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Dedicated to @LemonLassie

From push comes to shove. From fear comes the hate. From pain comes the tears. It was you

who was the human equivalent of a hurricane in my life.. from you came only chaos and havoc, and sadly, I was the mere palm tree holding on in the middle of the storm.

Dear Diary, It's only the morning and Minhyuk picked on me again. Not only that, he threw milk on me! He also sent three girls to throw water over the stall I was in, in trying to change clothes! The water was freezing cold. I'm sick of it! I'm not even terrified anymore. And that's not even the worse he has done. Why does he do this to me? What the hell have I done to him for me to deserve this? I understand he hates me for no apparent reason, but the fact that this has gone too far makes me want to hurt him. And I'm not that type of person. I've grown to highly dislike Lee Minhyuk. But right now, it's not the time to worry about that. Today is the day that I go on the field trip to an aquatic center! Just wait a little bit longer... I've never been to one of these centers, and I've always wanted to go! Ah, this'll be fun! "Miss Lauren!" I heard. I quickly looked up at my name being called upon. The teacher looked at me before pointing to the door, "The principal wants to see you." I nodded my head and walked towards the door, but not before I heard snickering behind me. I turned back, only to see people trying to contain their laughs. I rolled my eyes, and walked out. They're not going to get to me. I'm not going to get trampled on anymore. Walking into the principals office, I was met with her stern face and another face that I knew all too well- Minhyuk. His smirk gave me a sign. This is not going to be good. "Hello. I was called to the principals office," I started. "Ah, yes. So Miss Lauren, it has come to my attention that you threw and littered trash outside on the main garden of this school.-" "What!? No I-" I was cut off, "Silence! Let me speak!" She said. Her eyes glassy and wide, and her voice stern. She looked at me the way she looked at garbage. "Due to you pulling something like this, you will not be able to go on the field trip." She raised her hand as she saw me open my mouth. "You will stay and clean the mess you have made. After that, you will stay for detention once you have finished. Consider yourself lucky miss Lauren. This should've gotten you expelled. Thank Mister Minhyuk for saving you. You're dismissed." I stood up, and I've never felt so much hate and disgust towards someone. I didn't do something like that, I wouldn't even think of doing something like that. But like always, I get in trouble for something I never do. Walking outside with trash bags and a putting on gloves, I look around. The sight of trash everywhere gets me feeling lightheaded as the smile is over taking the smell of flowers. I sigh once more and start putting trash into the bags. Bending down, I heard a voice. "Hey loser," and just like that, I was pushed to the ground. My face landing right in front of rotten food. I stood up and faced the person who has caused me so much pain over the years. "What do you want?" I asked him. Every word was laced with hatred. "How does it feel to be picking up what you are?" He smirked. How can one be so twisted? I pushed him with all my might and he fell backwards. His eyes wide, as he has never been pushed by me. "Look what you did! All I wanted was to go to the aquatic center this year. All I wanted was to live a normal life. But I've been living in terror and isolation because of you! Because all you do is ruin me more and more! Why can't you just leave me alone!? Is your heart so empty that you find joy in pushing someone off the cliff? Are you that selfish that you only care about yourself? Why can't you just let this stupid shit go? Your heart is empty, and mine is strong enough to put up with everything you have done. You even made me forget why I was trying so hard to make it into this school. It was because of that field trip! But no. You ruined it for me!" My knees were shaking and tears brimmed at the corners of my eyes. I'm tired of this. His face only looked back up at me, without speaking a word. "What do you want!? Why do you bully me like this? What the hell did I do to you to deserve this!?" I yelled out at him. "I.." he started. He took a deep breath before standing up and taking a step towards me. At the same time, I took a step back. He noticed this and just stood where he is. "I'm sorry. I really am,-" I rolled my eyes, "I know it probably means nothing to you anymore, but it's because I've been falling for you and I don't-" I raised my hand, and he stopped talking. "Let me guess. You didn't know how to deal with it so you decided to bully me?" He nodded. "Well, let me clarify something. With something you took as a joke, I took it as something bigger. While you were laughing at me, I was at your feet praying that just maybe you might extend your arm out and apologize. But now, the sight of you disgusts me. This isn't some stupid love story where I will forgive you and go with you. This is the reality of things- the bullied gets back on their feet, and the bully stays on the ground praying to have the girl back. Goodbye Lee Minhyuk." And without a second glance, I left his sight as he fell to the ground and started praying. "I'm sorry Lauren... Goodbye." He whispered to himself.
@MichelleIbarra omg you would do another part!? omg omg omg omg. hold one second while i go fangirl over the thought of a second piece.
@JamiMilsap if @LemonLassie wants another part done, then I'll make another one!
I just can't. I can't stop from fangirling right now! Omg! Even though i didn't get the guy this had my heart racing! and i love it!
SSSSQQQUUEEEE!!! Oh mi garsh!!! thankie thankie!
YES. There's another part!
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