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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 4 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Junmyeon's POV He had gotten so excited that she agreed to go that he almost slipped up. He stopped himself in the middle of saying he loved her but he had no idea why he was saying that to her. He was jealous that she let Tao kiss her but hearing her say that she was his, and her saying that she wanted his body had made him unbelievably happy. He was happy she didn't question him on what he was about to say. She had fallen asleep quickly. He smiled at her sleeping face, her body curled up against his and her hand pressed against his chest. She always got sleepy after sex, he found it funny that she accepted his invitation. She didn't even realize that he would've left her alone if she said no. He snuck out of her bed and got dressed. He was just walking out of her room when he saw Kyungsoo walking into her house. "Y/N." he called not yet looking up from taking his shoes off. "Keep your voice down, she's asleep." Kyungsoo looked up at him confused and shocked, "What are you doing here?" he asked. "I could ask you the same thing." "I spoke to Tao he said Y/N was acting a little weird after she had lunch with him. Tao knew she wouldn't talk to him so he asked me to stop by and see if she was okay." "She was a bit upset but she wouldn't tell me anything either. I just put her to bed, she was tired." he lied. Kyungsoo nodded, he walked into the kitchen and started pulling things out, "I appreciate you doing that, thank you for being nice to her." "I keep telling you, both of you take it the wrong way I'm only playing with her. Anyway what are you doing?" Junmyeon said putting his hands in his pockets and leaning against the wall to her kitchen. "I'm going to make her some food, she tends to open up a little more when you feed her after she wakes up." "Are you in love with Y/N?" Junmyeon asked out of nowhere. Kyungsoo turned to Junmyeon looking at him wondering why he asked the question. "It's only natural for me to love her she's my best friend but I'm not in love with her. She's like my sister." "Why does she seem to bend to your will, she's so obedient to you, it's almost annoying to watch." "You grew up with us too Junmyeon. You know that she lost her mother when she was young, she doesn't have enough memories of her to really know who she was. When her father lost his job, mom had her stay with us but she could still see it in her father's eyes. Every smile he gave her, everytime he walked with her to school and picked her up, everytime he left her at our house, she could see it. He was lying to her, telling her everything was okay; she knew he wouldn't cry because he'd think it was a burden to her and so she wouldn't cry because she knew it was a burden to him. Since then she's always tried to make sure she's not a burden to anyone. I worry about her so much that when I jump on her case she just agrees and does what I ask because she doesn't want to be a burden to me. In most ways, I know it's wrong but it also keeps her safe. She's done a few things that could've put her in bad situations. I'm just trying to protect her." "So if she was with someone you didn't approve of would you make her leave him?" Kyungsoo looked up at his brother strangely. He looked as if he thought about the question before he answered, "She doesn't deserve someone that mistreats her. I'd mostly ask her to leave him." Junmyeon scoffed and turned around to walk out of the house. He had basically confirmed for him that he would convince Y/N to leave him if he knew about them hooking up. It wasn't even like she was hooking up with him because she wanted to she was doing it because he was blackmailing her. That bothered him, he raked his hand through his hair before he headed back home. Why was he in love with her? Because she was cute, even as tomboy, she had attitude, she was strong and she was great in bed. She was an amazing kisser too. He didn't really know as much about her as Kyungsoo did. He spent his life around her but he didn't really know her, he never took the time to, still he loved her. She interested him, he'd have to get her to open up to him somehow. Y/N's POV You woke up finding Kyungsoo in your house. He had made you something to eat. You had to wear your dress to get to your clothes out of the laundry room. Once you were able to sit down on the couch with your sweats and tank top on you felt comfortable. He made you seaweed soup and it tasted amazing. He tried to ask you about why you were upset and why Junmyeon was at the house. You thought he had told him something but Kyungsoo clarified that he just saw him walking out of the house as he was coming in. Kyungsoo didn't really use the key he had to your place unless something happened to you. He used it when you suddenly became a recluse or if you got upset and refused to let him in. You appreciated him checking up on you but you couldn't really come up with an excuse so you told him you weren't ready to talk about it. He started to wonder if it was more serious than he thought since you weren't talking even after he had fed you. You assured him you were fine you just needed some sleep. He got a call from Gi apparently and he headed out to go meet her. He made sure you were okay before he left. You got a text from Junmyeon telling you he'd pick you up at seven o'clock tomorrow for the party. You went back to sleep wondering what you were supposed to wear to his little event. You regretted the thought but you felt like a dress would only be appropriate. You only agreed because you figured he'd make go anyway. You met up with Kyungsoo as usual to walk to school the next day. You had lunch with the guys before you had to finish up your other classes. You skipped out on hanging out with the others and headed to the store to get yourself a dress. You ended up getting a sexy black dress as a suggestion made by one of the employees helping you. You didn't know what to get so you enlisted her help. She tried to get you to buy jewelry but that just made you feel nauseous thinking about it. You went home and got dressed up, you let down your hair from your ponytail. You curled the ends of it and when you looked at yourself in the mirror you sighed. Junmyeon would like something like this; you heard a knock at the door. You opened it up to see Junmyeon standing behind the door in a suit and a bow tie. He was looking you up and down slowly, biting his lip. "Hot damn." he said. You rolled your eyes, "Junmyeon let's go." you said. You started to head for the stairs when he held out his arm stopping you. He leaned down into your ear, "Call me Junnie just one time baby girl." You shivered at his voice in your ear. The neediness in his voice made you regret the dress. You weren't even sure why you bought he said you could wear a pants suit. You kind of wished you listened. "Junmyeon let's just go." you said. "Say it once for me baby girl, or we won't make it to the party. I'll march your ass right back into the house and rip-" "Junnie! Are you happy now?" He dipped his head down and caught your lips. A sweet soft kiss became deeper and one of desire. He pulled away from you taking a breath. You both looked at each other, both slightly panting and staring into each others eyes. "Y/N I- I think we should go." he sounded as if he were going to say something else and changed his mind. "First time I agree with you." you said. You pushed his arm away from you and walked down the stairs from your apartment. He followed behind you, opening your door. When you got in, he jumped in on his side. You didn't really know what Junmyeon did but when you arrived at the party you were thoroughly impressed by the turn out. You saw Minseok and Chanyeol dressed up in tuxedos themselves. Not one female was in a pants suit, this entire party was way too fancy for pants suit. You looked up at Junmyeon who had his had at the small of your back leading you through the room. He stopped several times greeting people and introducing you to them. All the men complimented you on your looks but seemed to know when to stop because Junmyeon pulled you closer almost displaying his possession of you. You felt a little nauseous but you ignored it several times. It was certain smells that were getting to you, the mixture of cologne and perfume was what you figured it out to be. Some of the women were giving you dirty looks which made you want to punch them. Junmyeon was always popular with the ladies. You sighed feeling annoyed by the situation but you continued to smile through it. At one point while you two were walking Junmyeon whispered in your ear, "You're doing so well baby girl, I'm proud of you." "I'm not a child Junmyeon I know how to act." "You might know how to act but that dress is making me forget quickly." he said. You felt his hand brush your butt and you slightly jumped holding back a surprised squeak. You turned to Junmyeon, your face scrunching up like you were upset. You started to go off on him when you heard a voice say, "Junmyeon did you piss her off already?" You looked up at Baekhyun thankful that he caught Junmyeon off guard. Your phone began to ring so you took the opportunity to answer it and walk away. "Hello." "Y/N where are you?" "Kyungsoo, I'm at- I'm kind of at a party right now." you said. "Really? You don't like parties." he said suspicious. "I like parties squishy I just prefer to go with people I know, it makes ignoring everyone else and the hassle of mingling easier for me." "What kind of party is it?" "Some sort of office party, Minseok invited me something about needing a date to impress someone. Or make them jealous I don't really know I wasn't really listening." You lied. You played it off well enough and he seemed to believe you. Junmyeon came by you seeing you on the phone while Kyungsoo explained why he called you. He wrapped his hands around your body from behind you and leaned in to whisper in the ear that wasn't covered by the phone. "Is that Kyungsoo?" he said in your ear. "Maybe you shouldn't hang out with Minseok Y/N he's known for being a huge flirt." Kyungsoo said. "Yeah, no different from your brother. I'd like it more if you told me not to hang around him." You said looking at Junmyeon. His eyes seemed to darken at that. His arms were still around you and his face got scary serious. "Hang up the phone now Y/N." The way he said your name was almost like a threat. You didn't like that look in his eye. Kyungsoo continued to talk explaining that he wanted you to get along better with Junmyeon. Junmyeon was trying to be nicer to you. You scoffed feeling the danger you were in right now. Junmyeon grabbed the phone from your hand. "Get off the phone Y/N." he said a little louder the threat lingering in his voice. What was his problem? "Kyungsoo I gotta go, talk to you tomorrow." Junmyeon ended the call for you before you could hear Kyungsoo say goodbye. Junmyeon grabbed your hand and pulled you through the crowd, an empty room was in the hallway and he pulled you in. He pushed you against the door and locked it behind you. "Junmyeon what the hell?" His hands slammed on either side of your head trapping you against the door. He looked you dead in the eyes. He was angry but why? All you had done was talk to Kyungsoo, was he going to make you stop talking to him now? If he did there would be no point in blackmailing you any longer. The whole point in the blackmail was to make sure Kyungsoo didn't find out about you two and you lose your friendship. He raked his hand through his hair frustrated and then attacked your lips before you had a second to think. Your hands rested against his chest as you were losing your breath in the feverish kiss. It felt like he was about to bite your lip off. "Junnie." You muttered helpless without any control. "Why do you do this to me?" he said looking back into your eyes. You felt like he was reaching your soul and it was driving you crazy. Your heart started to race and you couldn't control your breathing. It was because he touched you, it was because he was being this rough and your body reacted, it knew what it wanted. You were trying to fight it but his hand slid up your thigh painfully slow. He gripped your panty line teasing you. "You would stop seeing me if Kyungsoo told you too wouldn't you. You'd let him control your life." "Aren't you doing the same thing?" you said weak. "Why the hell is someone like him so important to you? He's nothing." Junmyeon said. He dipped his head down to kiss your neck and it further drove you wanting to grab him and pull him into you. "Junmyeon not here." you begged "Did you cry for him that day?" he said into your neck. His hands were moving further up your dress. His hand moving to between your legs. You held back a moan biting down on your lip. "What are you talking about?" you said annoyed. "The morning after I called you a few weeks ago. Kyungsoo was in the house. I was talking to him while I was inside you. You cried, you wouldn't talk to me even as I asked you to." You felt him grip your arm, his fingers pushed inside of you and his teeth scraped your collar bone.. "Junmyeon." You moaned. "Tell me baby girl, do you love him?" "Kyungsoo is my best friend of course I love him." "Are you in love with him?" "Junnie- please you're driving me crazy." You said gripping his shoulder. He was moving his fingers in and out of you at a torturing slow pace. "Then tell me the truth." he said "I'm not in love with him Junmyeon now please, do something." "Don't fall in love with him Y/N. You're my baby girl you only belong to me." He said. His possessive side was coming out. He pulled your underwear down, moving his fingers faster inside of you. You kept your voice down but you were feeling amazing. He took a second to take off his pants and then lifted you up against the door. He easily started moving inside you, hard and slow trying to push deeper inside you then he had before. "Do you want me to make you cum baby girl?" You were desperate, it felt so good with him inside you. "Yes." you said. "Yes what?" "Yes Junnie." "You're such a good girl. You're mine right baby girl? Do you belong to me?" He said through moans. "Yes Junnie." "Say it baby girl. I need to hear you say it." "I belong to you Junmyeon." He set you down and turned you around pulling out of you. You felt yourself shiver at the emptiness. "Hands against the wall." he demanded. He had you bent over slightly and you pressed your hands against the wall. He pushed himself inside of you hard hitting the best spot and you cried out but Junmyeon covered your mouth. "Not so loud baby girl. You'll disturb the party guests." He said. He started pulling out slowly almost all the way then slammed back into you. He pulled out almost entirely again and thrusted his way back into you. "Junmyeon fuck me right." you said through gritted. "Tell me what you want baby girl. How can I fuck you right?" Your hands balled into fists before you grabbed his hand and pulled it around your waist. You made his hand play with your clit as you started to move your hips. "Move faster." you said. "Yes baby girl." Junmyeon said. His voice sounded like it was drowned in lust as his hips moved faster, thrusting inside of you harder. He leaned over you and you wrapped your hand around his head moving your hips as he was in you. "Fuck Y/N you feel so good. I love it." "I'm so close Junmyeon." "I'll stop if you don't use the right name baby girl." "I'm coming Junnie." You said, your body curling into his. He kept thrusting into you feeling you tighten around him. Your body shook through your release and you bit your lip to keep down your moans. He let out a low moan as he released himself inside of you. Your eyes felt a little heavy and you slumped slightly, "Stay awake baby girl. We still need to finish the party." He grabbed a few tissues cleaning himself off then cleaning you up.. He kissed you and said, "Would you stop seeing me if Kyungsoo told you too?" "Why would Kyungsoo tell me to stop seeing you, he's the one that wants me to get along with you." "Y/N answer the question." he said. You nodded tired, "If he really wanted me to." "Even though you belong to me?" he said upset. He had placed you on a desk top to clean you off and now you were trying to get to your feet. He grabbed you and held you there, you looked up at him, "Junmyeon I'm only yours when you want me to be. Why would you care so much?" "I care more than you think, more than I'd like." his hand grazed your cheek. For some reason you warmed up, you turned your head to get off the desk and fix the dress. You basically asked for this by agreeing to come, by wearing the dress, by letting him drive you crazy. Something about him was pulling you towards him, you were already addicted to him but it went beyond addiction. For some reason, it was something more. You wanted him to touch you but in a different way than just sexual. Almost knowing what you were thinking he wrapped his arms around you in a hug. You hugged him back taking in his scent, the same safe comforting feeling you got when he hugged you before you fell asleep. What was he doing to you? What were you feeling? He slowly pulled away from you and returned his hand to the small of your back bringing you back to the party.... *A week later.* It was a week later and you found yourself in a panic, you missed a few times to take your birth control and your foot was shaking restlessly. This could not be happening right now. You looked at the test after two minutes taking a deep breath before you looked at it. It had the symbol you didn't want to see as you spoke in disbelief, "Positive."
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