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What's Up, BBCs!

It's Zi-Mon! this week's Zico sunday, We're Going to discuss 10 of Zico's Famous Hairstyles.
1. Let's Talk about Zico's most Memorable and Unforgettable Hairstyle "Beggar Co."
In My Personal opinion, I'm Not really a Huge Fan of Dreadlocks, But I will say that Zico pulled them off quite nicely. (R.I.P Beggar Co. You will always be remembered.)
2. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is what Zico looked like the First time I saw him. That's Right, Not a Very, Very Good first Impression. I laughed my Head off when I saw him, and I thought the Whole Hairstyle was weird and everything, But at the same time,...I thought He was Kinda Hot. I was Embarrassed to admit That I Liked him until I saw a picture of what he looked like without that weird hairstyle, and then I was like "Good, I'm not Crazy, He really is Hot!"
3. Okay, let's move on to this one. I think that This Hairstyle is as Sexy as it can be! This style in my opinion, is One of Zico's Sexiest looks. I'll Tell you why. Well, FIRST of all, He's FREAKIN' TOPLESS!!! and he kinda has a "Crazy, Sexy" look going on. wait, That's Zico altogether, Crazy and Sexy, so This look is Very fitting for him.
4. This is another one of my Favorites. his Hairstyle from the "I am you, You are me" MV.
Ugh, SO SEXY!!!
to me, This Hairstyle makes him look like a Hot Final Fantasy Character.
6. I love his Hairstyle in "Jackpot." It's so Colorful. it makes me think of Cotton Candy!
7. This is Probably my #1 Favorite Hairstyle because to me, This one just Screams Zico. It Suits him Perfectly.
8. I love this hairstyle. This one is Just Gorgeous ! *Fangirling*
9. This hairstyle was in the Dance version of the "Very Good" MV.
I Just Love Zico with Blonde Hair!
10. and then there's This one...Aigoo, How do I put this? my opinion, this is Not really Zico's Best hairstyle. I'm Sorry, Zico. You Know I Love you, baby, But I've Got to be Totally Honest. Not your Best look, Babe.
I hope that you enjoyed this card. I couldn't put All of Zico's Hairstyles in this card because he has so many. Which Hairstyle on the List is Your Favorite?
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the last one he looked like shikamaru a bit
I love every hairstyle he has but I really want to see a personal close up of his eyes and lips more because I get lost in them more then his hair lol
I loved his dreads! I was devastated when he cut them off.
@KathyCrew I was actually going to put his blonde Dreadlocks on the list, but I couldn't put all his hairstyles on the list, but I love his Blonde Dreadlocks.
What about the blonde dreadlocks? That's the first time I saw Zico and once I saw him without I was that really him?
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