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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with Ep. 4 of boys 24. First we are going to start off with group sky.... I called them light blue last week but technically it's the same thing right?
This episode was different because they ended up giving the teams the chance to vote on a different leader. They did in fact take the spot away from Yonghyun and gave it to the eldest Sangmin. They claimed that the position was too much stress for Yonghyun but from the look of it he was extremely surprised they felt he wasn't up to the task.
Here is their group performance below:
Winner - Sentimental
Maybe it is just me... but after last weeks performance I am left.. not appeased. The whole feel of the group changed from the last performance to this one and I wonder if who the leader is changes the feel of a group that much. My favorite part of this song was simply the rap by Yonghyun. The vocals were nice but they didn't really grab my attention like I was hoping for. The dance was... I guess cutesy which never really grabs my attention so that part is understandable for me to not be impressed with.
I hope to see these boys come back next week bigger and better. I understand they felt that Yonghyun was stressing too much to stay as leader, but I feel he was putting in the work they needed to be at the top.
What do you think?
Team purple. Now this team decided to keep the same leader and once again showed that they are very high on the vocal group list. They were technically the last to perform but it was very enjoyable for me.
Watch their performance below:
Sistar19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer
Purple team did fantastically. Vocally I think they were ahead of the rest. I enjoyed this performance just as much as I enjoyed White teams performance. They did extremely well and wowed me with their ability to flawlessly pull off the vocal line. The rap wasn't too prominent but was sweet as well and the choreography was well thought out. One of the best performances of the night in my opinion.
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