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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat back with the second group of teams. Let's start things off with the green team.
They were the first to perform and what a way to start a show than with the dark theme of VIXX On and On? They too decided to keep their leader the same and in my opinion pulled off the dark theme rather well.
Take a look for yourself:
VIXX - On and On
Unit Green did very well and I was pleasantly entertained. They incorporated dances from not only On and On but other songs from VIXX as well. The only part that I found was lacking a bit was the rap, but when you are used to hearing Ravi go at it, it is hard to picture anyone else pulling it off... What do you think?
The yellow team was another that also decided to change the leader to the eldest member in the group. Jinseok handed over the position to LoUoon and it seemed to do the group good. They did a fantastic job with their changed rendition of Block B's Her. Who knew that song would do well with an R&B mix to it.
Check it out here:
Block B - Her
Yellow team is another group that ended up having a change in leaders. At the beginning of this performance I thought it was a bit awkward but they quickly pulled it together and did a fantastic job. I am a huge Block B fan and I was appeased with this performance. The vocals and rap were great to listen too and despite the strange dance at the beginning that I questioned at first.... they pulled it together as the song went on and left the audience with a great feeling. Your thoughts?
Team Red seems to have a little bit of a problem. Their leader, though they voted for him to stay in the position, seems to be causing conflict with a couple of the other members. Over all their performance was very dance heavy but lacked in the vocals department.
See it below:
GD and Taeyang - Good Boy
Red team... where to start. The dance was amazing. They really put a lot into it and it paid off. I really enjoyed it. If this performance was based off of just that I would have dubbed them my favorite of the night, but..... the vocals fell short. The first rapper and the vocalists just didn't do very well with this song. The leader Songho did very well and this seems to be his type of music.
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