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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with the last two groups for this weeks performance cards.
The white team decided to keep DoHa as their leader and take on the song Cheer Up. Now while their performance might not have been the best vocally (like the purple team) or the top dance performance (like the Red team) they did have the most showmanship. Their performance was fun and energetic leaving me dancing along and fully entertained.
The vibe from this group has been amazing both weeks and I am finding they are one of my favorite groups. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next week.
Check it out below:
Twice - Cheer Up
Okay... as I mention in the next review for the Blue team... I am not a girl group fan, but Cheer Up is a song I like so i was a little more interested when they said that White team was doing it... but I was still skeptical.... but let me tell you I was wrong to be so. This group just keep surprising me. Last week they also had my favorite performance and I am more than appeased this week.
The dance was fun and the energy kept the audience just mesmerized with the groups every move and every word. The vocals were on point and the rap section was fantastic. I can easily say this was my favorite performance this week.
Who was your favorite?
Blue team also decided to keep their leader the same and perform GFREIND 'Rough'. Now I do not know why but this group just doesn't grab my attention. I was not ubberly impressed with their EXO performance last week and this one didn't do much to keep my attention either. The crowd seemed to enjoy it though so it might just be that they aren't my cup of tea.
What do you think? Check out below and let me know:
gfriend - Rough
Now I am going to start off and say I am not a big girl group fan. I don't hate this song but it isn't on my playlist either so I didn't start the performance excited. They were good and the audience seemed to be enjoying the performance a lot so I assume they were doing wonderfully. Personally I loved listening to Insoo's rap the most. I have enjoyed listening to his rapping since he was with A6P a while back.
The dance was simple and nice but the vocals and the rap are what really made this one good. What are your thoughts?
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