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Yay it's YoYo Saturday again!! Today I wanna focus on how dorky and ridiculously adorable this man is!
He's so friggin adorable when he's with his fellow members!
Boy why are you ripping that rain coat?! You better not be practicing for ripping an actual shirt off. P.S you're such a camera whore...but I love you.
Not even kidding YoYo is so me when I'm cooking. But if I'm waiting for someone else to cook I'm so Bobby. YoYo is becoming more and more my spirit animal.
And with this another YoYo Saturday comes to an end. See ya all next time! Bye Bye~
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I love Yunhyeong so much ❤ Him and Donghyuk are actual angels
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@swarrier16 I agree! They're all adorable angels in my eyes. lol But I love YoYo and the boys so much.💖💖
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