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OKAY~~~ I know no one would probably do such a thing unless if the relationship was that bad.. But here is what I think their reactions would go..
YONGGUK: It's not my fault my hands are prettier than yours..
HIMCHAN: Pfttt I knew you couldn't handle this much beauty, I'm way above your standards.
DAEHYUN: I didn't eat all of your food, I left some there...
YOUNGJAE: For the hundredth time!! I'm not in love with Daehyun, We're just good friends.
JONGUP: Breaking up? Did I do something wrong?

ZELO: I'm sorry if I make you look short.. Don't leave me..

@ChaErica Hahahaha it's okay Dae. You can eat my food.
Ok first off why would you not want to date them???πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ there flawless and there sassy. So I just want you to answer my question why don't you want to date them? If you do break up with them I'll just kill you😊 *flips my long silky smooth hair*
no my poor Jonguppie 😞 Whoever would break up with any of them are losing out on some of the sweetest, funny, and handsome people I have ever seen ... Himchan response though πŸ˜‚ sass master
Yeah I would not leave yongguk like thatπŸ˜‚
I couldn't imagine being one breaking up with them, especially with Zelo ❀
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