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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with the sadest part of the week...... Boys24 Elimination time..... Now this week they are not eliminating one boy from each group.... instead they are going to cut a group as a whole.
Now while I understand their reasoning for this I still feel that this also give those who do not have as much talent the chance to stay while a really talented individual is kicked out just because he is in that group.
Sadly though.... I do not have the power to change how they do it so we just have to accept it........
Who do you think should be eliminated? Let me know who you felt should be gone and what your reaction was to the eliminated team. Have you picked a bias yet?
Are you a fan of Unit Blue?
Or is White team more your style?
Maybe the vocal heavy purple team has your attention?
Or the hard working team sky?
What about the dance heavy Red team?
Or the dark demon themed Green team?
Maybe the Yellow team is more your style?
Sadly this elimination was based off of the live audience's votes, and this team fell short. I do not agree with who was eliminated, but I will not bore you with my own personal thoughts on the matter.... what I want to know... is what you think. Do you think this team deserved to be eliminated or would you have preferred a different team?
Well that is all this week for Boys24. Until next week Loverlys!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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I feel that's it's right but not at the same time. When the purple unit sang Sherlock I was digging it, until one of the vocals just butchered it. After that it felt weak. The second song actually suited them more so if they stuck with that style I think they would have been fine.
@dallasyamane I agree with you. for me the two weakest are blue and then red.
@drummergirl691 the entire purple team was eliminated.
definitely don't agree. since the first performance I've thought blue team was the weakest.
So the whole group was eliminated?!?! 😮😯
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