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Here is game 6 and this time I figured I would try and tie in a story into it. So it is a little long. I hope you all enjoy this one. This is part 1 and I will have part 2 up tomorrow. Don't forget that after you play this to tag me in you results. I love when you all tag me in your results it makes my day to see you all enjoying these games. I will do my best to create more fun games in the future.
Q3 Squad!
Lovely B2uties;
Today was you first day at the Cube Entertainment. You were nervous and yet excited as you were the new?
Before you left for work you wanted to look you best since it was you first day. So the outfit that you chose was?
Once you choose the right outfit you took a deep breathe before walking out of you apartment. You didn't live far from Cube, but it did feel as if the walk there took forever. On you way there you stopped at a coffee shop. You ran into a you man who was coming out. Not realizing that he was a member of you favorite group.
You apologized to him saying that you weren't watchin where you were going. Another member from the same group appeared and said that it was no big deal.
Someone behind you offered to buy you coffee and you refused at first. However, he wasn't going to take no for an answer.
After you received you coffee the boys walked with you to the company. Along the way they asked you what you liked to do on you spare time. You told them?
He showed interest on what you favorite thing to do.
Upon entering the company you ran into the other three members. These two showed interest in you right away. (2 screenshots)
This one however kept his distance and walked away. You were confused on why he would walk away. Before you could go and ask the others wanted to know more about you.
While speaking with them you realized that you knew one of the from childhood home. At first you didn't believe until he share with you that he remembered you from middle school.