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"He is an amazing and handsome rapper, leader, person and idol"
"He has an IQ of 148, and his grades are in the top 1% of the whole country"
"He can speak both Korean and English fluently"
"He has released many solo tracks, songs , and mixtapes"
"But when his boss asked him if he would choose to go solo or continue with BTS.."
"...He chose BTS without a single hint of hesitation"
"He is often ranked 6th & 7th in terms of "popularity" in fan polls"
"And when some fans tell him *i got your photocard* ...."
"He would give them his dimply, sheepish smile and say *sorry*. "
"He cares about his fans deeply, and takes time to keep in touch with them"
"He wants his fans to be able to treat him, and speak to him, like a friend"

We love you Namjoon! ♡

Namjoon is starting to become my bias wrecker... He needs to stop. Lol
Namjoon is a total sweet heart. He's rising up quickly on my BTS bias list. Although, I don't know if I can choose between Namjoon or Seokjin
Namjoon is just an amazing person.
Psh you're telling me! This man here is life. That's okay if no one stans him, I stan him. More for me 😍❤️😂👍
Namjoon truly is amazing, and I would call him a friend anytime.
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