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Rap Monster Is Truly An Amazing Person ♡
"He is an amazing and handsome rapper, leader, person and idol"
"He has an IQ of 148, and his grades are in the top 1% of the whole country"
"He can speak both Korean and English fluently"
"He has released many solo tracks, songs , and mixtapes"
"But when his boss asked him if he would choose to go solo or continue with BTS.."
"...He chose BTS without a single hint of hesitation"
"He is often ranked 6th & 7th in terms of "popularity" in fan polls"
"And when some fans tell him *i got your photocard* ...."
"He would give them his dimply, sheepish smile and say *sorry*. "
"He cares about his fans deeply, and takes time to keep in touch with them"
"He wants his fans to be able to treat him, and speak to him, like a friend"

We love you Namjoon! ♡

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a year ago·Reply
i would love to get his photo card omg why sorry
a year ago·Reply
It just goes to show that idols have waaaay more to offer than just looks and music. Idols are people who have lives, feelings, and personal history that makes them who they are today. Namjoon has great ability and talent... but it all comes down to who he is as a person. Namjoon is a great guy, and he is doing what he loves. As a fan, I love to see him happy and enjoying his life.
a year ago·Reply
That was beautiful! 😢😊 @KDramaKPop1015
a year ago·Reply
Aww, he's so sweet and cute, if I got his photocard I would just die!!!
a year ago·Reply