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I had step away from them all, to get some food. Since there was a couple of side notes in their information. If I didn't get something to eat, they would of forgot about food, due to work. I went to the nearest pizza place, and got a good five boxes of pizza. I ran into Jay's manager and handed him two boxes of pizzas. His eyes light up and said thank you, before taking it to Jay, Ju Kyung and Chacha. I brought a box to Hoody, Elo, DJ Pumkin and DJ Wegun. They said thanks, before I brought the last of them to Gray's studio. I place both boxes on the table, before sitting on the couch again. Hyuk Woo ran for the pizza the moment he saw them be place down. "PIZZA!" Seonghwa, Dok2, and Simon all turn to the pizza and went for it like animals. "When was the last time you boys ate?" I arched an eyebrow, as I watch them eat. "I can't remember...we did eat before the club and afterwards." Hyuk Woo answer, but that meant to me that they didn't since last night. I sighed heavily as I shook my head. When I looked down, a slice was being held out before me. I looked up to see it was Simon that was offering. "Gotta make sure you have at least one too." He smiled warmly, whilst I took the slice from him. "Thanks, Simon-ssi" He pouted the moment I spoke his name. "What?" I blinked a couple times, as he just shrugged his shoulders, before turning to get a slice for himself. I took a bite of my slice, when Hyuk Woo tapped my arm. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. "I think he was hoping you would say oppa." He spoke softly, and he looked at his hyung for a moment. "I'm not trying to get too close to you guy. Getting attached will effect my work ethic." Hyuk Woo gave the signal he understood, as we both ate our pizzas. Once the pizza boxes were both empty, I decided to clean up. Seunghwa noticed I had gotten up, and stopped me. "Nah, leave it there... It reminds us we need food." I nodded my head, and sat back down, whilst taking out my phone. He ended up sitting on the arm rest of the couch, and peaked over my shoulder. "You know if you want, I can pull a few strings. You can be Hyuk Woo's manager." Simon heard him and got upset. "Yah! Stop trying stealing my manager away form me!" I smiled at their behavior, and watched them bicker. "Mr. and Mrs. AOMG, I think its best you stop have this marriage quarrel, and wrap up the track. Some of us have schedules to attend." Dok2 called them out on it, and tease them at the same time. I looked down at my phone, for Simon's schedule. He had an event to perform tonight as well. "Simon-ssi you too, you have a schedule to attend in three hours." He looked over at me and nodded in agreement, before they all went back to work.
Since they knew they had schedules in coming up, the boys actually did went back to working hard on a new track. I decided to clean up, to kill time as I waited for Simon. It allow me to meet the other managers, and get to know them. I had set my phone to go off an hour before the schedule. The moment it did, I ran back to Seonghwa's studio. I turned off the alarm before entering the room, to see they were goofing around again. Seonghwa came over to me, and put his arm around my shoulders. "There you are, Lala. We're all done, but quick question. Do you know how to drive?" I raised an eyebrow, while giving him a judgmental look. "Yes, why?" Seonghwa smiled, before going over to Simon. "You can answer that as you two go to the schedule." He toss me the keys, without warning, but lucky me I caught them. "No scratching up my baby..." I nodded my head, whilst Simon got up to head out with me. I poked Simon, once we were in the elevator. He looked at me from the corner of his eye, and hummed. "I know I'm driving, but do I get to know why you won't." He rubbed his ear, as he blinked a few times. "I can legally drive, but I don't like to. I also have something wrong with my eye. That make it so, I can't drive during the day, even with sunglasses." I lean in closely to look at his eyes, which seem to look fine. He chuckle under his breath, while he smiled at me. "Its my left eye, I lost my retina. Its also the reason why I was excempted from enlistment." I hummed in understatement, as I got out of his face. "Don't worry though I'll be your GPS." He tapped my nose, making my flinch. . . . . . . ❤BBMG❤: @BBxGD @MarrickeJ33 @LocoforJiyong @dayashley11 . BO$$E$ Squad: @MarrickeJ33 @amobigbang @KaeliShearer @dayashley11 @PriyaBala @BBxGD @VatcheeAfandi99 . My Bunnies: @BBxGD @Nikkitty @LemonLassie @Jiyongixoxo @tiffany1922 @EliseB @marsamusic @PrettieeEmm @victoria97 @Ercurrent @MelissaGarza @flxvour @Annaharris1989 @DestinaByrd @pharmgirlerin @yaya12 @faith92 @MsLoyalHeart @pharmgirlerin @KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33 @KaeliShearer @CrystalBlunt @Jiyongixoxo @lilbr0wneyes @Jaysbae13 @CallMeMsDragon @KaiJae @dallasyamane @nmeza29 @SimplyAwkward @Annaharris1989 @yaya12 @sherrysahar @MandyNoona @KwonOfAKind @drummergirl691 @raenel @NiahriTaylor @amberg171997 @VatcheeAfandi99 @serbshavemofun @MaritessSison @firstladyofaomg @salo @twistedPuppy @nmeza29 @mrsyookiyun @IsoldaPazo @HeavenlyLopez @lashonda0917 @RedChord @Tabili
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