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Wow Sarah had updated so fast! I got to say I'm so happy with this collaboration! So I guess she whipped that ball right at me. Thank god she didn't hit me in the face with it! lol. I spent a little more time writing this So I hope you enjoy! If you hadn't read the previous chapter written by @SarahVanDorn Chapter 4
“Who in their right mind is messaging me at three in the morning” Jenni groaned. Her alarm had just gone off, she had mistaken the text message as her alarm until her alarm went off two minutes after. Looking through her messages her bedroom door opened and Sarah launched herself on her bed. “Omg Omg he messaged me” she said excitedly. “Who?” Jenni questioned. “Both Kookie and Tae!” she exclaimed. “Kooki said good morning, don’t skip breakfast before work” she read off her phone. “Tae wrote I’ll be tuning into your show when your on!” she read the second message. “Did you get a message from Namjoon?” she questioned. “What are those boys doing up so damn early?” Jenni questioned as she looked back down at her phone. Namjoon had indeed sent her a message. “He just said good morning, I know it’s early I haven’t fallen asleep yet” Jenni read. “Text him telling him he needs sleep” Sarah said. “Please, no” Jenni said as she started to type. Jenni: Why in the world are still up? As soon as she messaged him Sarah’s phone dinged indicating a message. “Omg Tae said to make a shout out to him on air” Sarah exclaimed. “Lucky him” Jenni mumbled. “Get out so I can get dressed for work. And don’t forget it’s your turn to pick up coffee” she added. “Maybe I’ll stop for breakfast instead. After all Kooki says I can’t skip my meals” Sarah said. Jenni couldn’t help it she grabbed her Panda stuffed animal and threw it at her. “Hey hey no throwing animals at me” Sarah said getting off the bed than stopping in her tracks. “Oh hey why don’t we talk about animals this morning” She said. “Nah, we talked about that last week. Remember you would get mauled by a bear and I would end up eaten by a shark” Jenni said making them both laugh. “I can’t believe I forgot about that” Sarah laughed. “We’ll come up with something” she said leaving the room. Jenni’s phone dinged and she looked at the message. Joonie: I wanted to make sure I was awake to say good morning to you “Oh isn’t he sweet” Jenni said to herself. Jenni: Well if your going to be awake for the first half hour of my show, I’ll give a shout out to you! Joonie: What are you going to talk about? Jenni: I don’t know yet we’re still deciding Joonie: than I will listen to see Jenni: Sweet! Jenni looked around her room and spotted several pairs of socks with faces on them. “Who do I want to wear today?” she questioned herself. “Maybe Rap Monster socks” she giggled. “Oh my god I just had an idea!” Jenni said jumping out of bed and running to the kitchen where Sarah was. “Sarah, we should talk about socks!” “What?” She looked at her best friend as if she made no sense. “Sorry what I mean is. You know how we have a bunch of socks with idols faces on them. I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation about them” Jenni explained. “You . Are. So. Random!” Sarah accused her but was laughing. “But I don’t think we’ve ever had that conversation.” She added. “It’s gonna get entertaining!” “I’m going to get dressed and go into work I’ll meet you there” Jenni said excited. It took forty five minutes to get dressed and to get to the studio. Jenni of course made it there before Sarah did so she set herself up on her side of the table. “Sarah getting coffee?” Julia questioned walking in yawning. “Yup. It’s her turn. She should be here any minute” Jenni said. “Well your on in ten minutes” Julia reminded her. “I know” she nodded. “Your two don’t have any guests today. It’s just you talking, although I saw you have to do a political talk at some point” Julia commented making Jenni groan. “I hate talking politics. It’s the one thing I have no clue what I’m talking about” Jenni commented. It made Julia laugh. “It’s an american thing. People want to know what’s going on with the U.S and their election going on” Julia said. “Yea but were not in America so what does it matter?” Jenni groaned just as Sarah walked in. “Hey we used to live in the states until we came here a few years ago” Sarah chipped in not knowing what we were talking about. “Yea but we’re here now, so what does talking about the election going to do?” Jenni commented. “Good point. I don’t understand that either. Do we have a segment on politics today?” she asked handing Julia a coffee and than setting the other in front of Jenni. Sarah than took her seat and pulled out an amazing looking pastry. “You got me one too right?” Jenni narrowed her eyes on her friend. “No one said you needed to eat!” Sarah shot at her. Than rolled her eyes. “But yes. I got you a chocolate roll” She threw a plastic bag at Jenni and she caught it. “Thankies!” Jenni grinned pulling it out of the bag and than handing one to Julia. “You want?” she asked. “Thank’s Sarah” Julia thanked her. “Oh your guys are about to go on. Good luck!” Julia wished them luck than walked out. They opened the packets and set the breads down before they tuned on the mic’s and started the show. “Good morning my fellow human being’s” Sarah started. “And non human’s, never know if we got some undercover agents out there spying on us!” Jenni said. “We got Diamond coming to you live this morning. Oh look at that, at four in the morning. Please tell me we aren’t the only one’s awake at this time!” Sarah said, just like she said every morning. “And Ruby! Don’t forget I’m here too!” Jenni said. “We are awake and able! And check it Diamond even brought in amazing pastries this morning! I can eat!” Jenni laughed than took a bit of the roll. “Someone told me I shouldn’t be skipping meals so instead of just getting my coffee I got food!” Sarah laughed. “Oh, you going to tell us who told you that?” Jenni teased. “Ruby I think I’ll keep-” “Nope you brought it up, come on spill! It’s got to be a guy!” Jenni teased knowing who it was. “Okay okay fine. So it is a guy” Sarah blushed. “You know we had met BTS yesturday. Well we had gotten to actually go out to eat with them” she explained a little bit about how they goofed around and got along very well to the point they exchanged numbers. “Oh yes, we got to give a shout out to the boy’s, Hi guy’s” Jenni waved even if it was to Sarah who laughed. “Well they had messaged this morning telling us to have a good show and eat breakfast” Sarah didn’t name names but that was okay. “How sweet are they” Jenni cooed. “So sweet. So I took the advice and got food this morning” Sarah said. “And I came up with a random thought this morning!” Jenni said moving on to change topics. “What thought was that?” Sarah asked. “And don’t say you really thought we could kidnap them. Now Ruby, you know that’s not allowed” Sarah laughed. “Oh no, you gave away my plan, now if they go missing all eyes will be on me” Jenni laughed. “Spoil sport.” Sarah’s phone dinged just as mine did. “So what was your thought than?” Sarah asked as she looked at her phone and started to type something. “OKay okay bare with me on this” Jenni started. “So I was trying to figure out what to wear and my room was litered with socks. I have a bunch and can never match them half the time.” “So who are you wearing?” Sarah asked. “Yes yes I have faces on my socks. Come on who doesn’t have at least one pair like that. Well I eneded up with Kooki on one foot and Rap Monster on the other” Jenni said. “Oh my god, Your wearing Kooki Monster!” Sarah burst out laughing. “Yes yes I am. And Diamond you gotta know I’m kinda happy with the pairing!” Jenni said as she slipped out of her flats and wiggled her feet in the air so Sarah could see. “It’s okay I match with one of your socks! I wearing Kooki” she said copying Jenni’s action. “You know with all the faces I have I was kind of unaware of who I even had on until I slid my shoes on this morning! I have to say though I love these socks that have Idols faces on them” Jenni said. “Well I got your started on them. Who was your first pair?” Sarah asked. “Hmm, well I think it was Kai from Exo” Jenni said. “Oo, mine was Chanyeol from Exo” Sarah said excited. “How many pair’s do you have now?” she asked. “Well let’s see” Jenni lifted her hand to start to count. “I have Kai, and D.O from Exo, I have Mark and Jackson from Got7, Namjoon, Suga, V, and Kooki from BTS and than I have like four pairs that I just can’t tell where they are from” Jenni explained. “And before you get started I don’t know because well I can’t match the faces with actual people. I mean it’s hard half the time to figure where the picture even came from” Jenni went into a little rant. “It can’t be that hard. I mean they write the names on them and what group they are from” Sarah said. “I think Ruby here just has a few issues with reading” Sarah laughed. “Well of course, the writing is just so small” Jenni made a face. “It’s written so big and half the time the name is in English” Sarah pointed out. “Fine I just can’t put two and two together. Tell me Diamond what idols do you have than hmm?” Jenni asked. “Oh well I have so much more than you. I have everyone from Exo, everyone from Got7 and Bts and a couple from Monsta X” She said. “You know can you belief that before this Ruby only ever wore black or white socks.” “Hey they were functional” Jenni shot back. “You know we have a few caller’s why don’t we get to them and see what they have to say” Jenni said. So they took a few calls. The first two were females and thought their topic was so random but funny, the last caller they took didn’t want to give his name but had asked about the socks. “Are you really wearing one with Kooki and one with Rap Monster?” The guy asked. “Why yes yes I am and I’m really digging the combo!” Jenni said. “It’s Kookie Monster!” Sarah said laughing. “That’s a good nic name” the guy said. “I cannot believe you are talking about socks” he laughed. “You know sir you seem like you have a very familiar voice!” Jenni said all of a sudden. “Gah I swear I’ve heard it before” she mused trying to figure it out.
Okay yes! I totally did it! I left you all with a hang cliffer! Who could this person be? Lol I finally had to do it! So here's a fast ball coming your way @SarrahVanDorn . I hope your ready!
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I got a few of those socks! lol😆 Maybe I should pair up Kookie Monster too!! 😂😂 These chapters a rolling out pretty fast and I'm seriously loving it! The tag team combo!!Yay!!
Can you add me to the tag list please😊
@Corrie4 yep you are now added 😄 @MaritessSison I was waiting for her to post last night so I could write but I fell asleep on my computer....but now off to write.