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안녕하세요 친구!! The Seventeen members and I have decided to do a 10 Days Challenge starting July 10th. Yay!!!! I would love for everyone to participate and support one another. :) Here's the challenge:
*credit to Lucky Carats Squadeu* We all came to an agreement of what to do and this is our results. So come play with us!
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@LocoForJiyong I feel like you want to win this prize we have planned lol
@IsoldaPazo I didn't even know about a prize 😂😂 I'm just excited to post Seventeen stuff...when does this challenge start
@LocoForJiyong jaja mmm okis okis. and we start today (July 10th)
@IsoldaPazo Prize? There's a prize? Wow! the challenge is exciting by its self, but with prize, its like its on now. 😆
wow I totally missed it 😕